Cryptocurrency & Digital Asset Markets have best Q2 Binance report reveals

According to the latest report, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance has recently released a research report about the crypto assets being correlated during the second quarter of the year 2019.

The report stated that the assets market and digital currency observed tremendous growth in three months and that growth was measured on the basis of market cap since 2017.

Furthermore, it was also stated in the report that Bitcoin showed a high average correlation with other digital assets in the first quarter of 2019, while in the second quarter it was substantially low. During that period the price of BTC increased by three hundred percent, dominating the market with sixty percent and setting new highs for the year 2019.

However, during the second quarter of 2019, additions including the Bitcoin SV LINK, Binance Coin were received by the digital currency market. This indicated the correlation that is low average with existing digital currency assets.The crypto exchange Binance stated that the overall outcome of the digital asset market was exceptionally positive during the period of January to June of 2019. According to the provided data, upon comparison with the bearish trend at the end of the year 2018; the growth of the market can be clearly observed.

According to analysis, in the last quarter, the digital currency industry has raised up to one hundred and thirty-nine percent. Since 2014; this was the best third performance.