Crypto YouTubers claim platform is censoring their videos


Crypto YouTubers are unhappy as the platform seems to censor crypto videos. Chris Dunn, a crypto YouTuber came revealed that the platform has taken down many of his crypto videos.

Crypto YouTubers and biased censoring

Dunn’s YouTube channel boasts a subscriber count of over 200,000 subscribers with more than seven million views. Now the platform has removed a majority of his videos by claiming they were beaching the ‘Community Guidelines.’ YouTube removed the videos while citing reasons such as “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of regulated goods.”

Dunn shared a screenshot of him appealing for the removal of such windows. The image showed video titles such as “How I’m Investing Right Now,” “17 Lessons for Traders and Investors” and “Is Bitcoin Really Money.”YouTube has cited all these videos as harmful content which is used for citing videos showing violent events, hacking, dangerous cures, and hard drug use or creation.

The Tweet received feedback from a multitude of people including the Twitter accounts of censor-free platforms such as LBRY, Streamanit and Uptrennd as well as following crypto YouTubers and enthusiasts.

YouTube’s action highlights the fault with centralized platforms and unregulated censorship. In response to Dunn’s Tweet, Twitter user @woonomic stated that “centralised control of other people’s content should be regulated.” While YouTube regulates its platform according to legal standards, these should be an authority monitoring the censorship acts done by such platforms.

YouTube is not the first platform to show biased judgement when it comes to censorship as Facebook imposed a ban on crypto-related ads. Only recently has the ban been lifted to permit most forms of crypto-related ads to be displayed on the platform

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