Crypto startups that offer real solutions to obstacles to mass adoption

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As the internet grows more and more complex and populated, issues with Web2 continue to arise. Data misuse, unequal opportunity to connect to the global economy, and expensive entry barriers in centralized industries are just a few of these issues. Web3 offers solutions to these problems and more, but onboarding new users continues to be a challenge due to the complexity of the new and improved Web3. Several Web3 startups are using cryptocurrencies to ease users into the onboarding process and solve issues with onboarding in general.

Flow blockchain partnered specifically with the NBA to encourage basketball fans to onboard the Web3 space. They accomplished this by opening wallets for its users and interacting with its NFT collaboration with Dapper labs. Ticket issues such as scalping and counterfeits are real issues in the industry, and NFT ticketing is perfectly capable of solving these issues. However, to use NFT ticketing, users will need a Web3 wallet first. This partnership works to solve that.

Similarly, Coachella partnered with FTX for its event, giving attendees free NFTs for opening an FTX wallet. This partnership hoped to pave the way for the festival to potentially use NFT tickets in the future, which would remove scalped and counterfeit tickets in third-party ticket sales. The festival also partnered with Decentraland, the “first-ever virtual world owned by its users,” to onboard new users into the metaverse and web3. Coachella’s notoriety outside of the web 3 space could potentially onboard millions of internet users per year and will likely do so as it continues to market the technology.

3air merges wireless mesh connectivity throughout Africa with on-the-ground Web3 onboarding and NFT subscriptions to the internet service. These wireless mesh centers using K3’s Last Mile technology have an extensive range and can cover even the continent’s most remote areas. This internet service will provide internet service to the next billion users. Africa’s unbanked also directly benefit from these services, as the crypto space provides banking and microfinance through DeFi solutions that provide equity and do not rely on fiat currencies. The company aims to begin deploying its on-the-ground centers starting in 2023, rolling them out steadily over the entire continent.Crypto.com and Coinbase, some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency, are also putting work into attracting new users to Web3. They provide secured, centralized cryptocurrency exchanges while providing advertising to funnel users into the web3 space within their respective platforms. They function as a solid first step for new users through their services by allowing users to trade with these up-and-coming cryptocurrencies in a more familiar way to those venturing into the Web3 space.

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