Crypto platform tests by London stock exchange expert celebrates

Crypto platform tests by London stock exchange expert celebrates

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Crypto platform tests are one of the leading ways to prove who and what is the best technology out there. Now, ZUBR claims that its software got the passing nod from Exactpro for successfully passing the examination. The exchange’s trading engine and the high-frequency trading feature passed the testing with flying colors.

The Exactpro co-founder Alexey Zverev stated that the crypto platform tests analysis included an examination of documentation and specifications, the development of examination situations and, risk evaluation, per the press statement shared. The development comes when Bitcoin’s price is finally rising up once again.

The goal of ZUBR being a crypto derivatives exchange is to aim professional traders with high-speed trading approaches. The incentives the platform provides are everlasting contracts for Bitcoin and Ethereum, with almost 20 times the power and authority. The present goal of the firm is to become regulated in Europe; however, the precise location is not clear.

Expactpro crypto platform tests

Exactpro inaugurated its business in 2009 and has examined LSE’s technology since 2010. The firm was bought by the exchange group in 2015; however, it was subjected to a management buyout after three years. A spokesperson stated that LSEG is still a client if Exactpro and will continue to be served under a multi-year contract.

On the topic of ZUBR, Exactpro stated that the exchange’s software was successful in meeting the requirements where trade was carried out in a fraction of seconds.

Additionally, the co-founder of Exactpro, Iosif Itkin, had felt that the technology has a lot of hurdles to cross to be implemented in daily use, but, as of now, it is in a prototype stage.

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