Crypto philanthropy platform launches new initiative to enable easy crypto donations


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Crypto philantrophy platform commits to making crypto donations.
  • Unveils crypto giving pledge where investors can give one percent of their profit in charity.
  • Crypto becomes tool of charity globally.

Crypto Philanthropy platform The Giving Block is launching two new initiatives designed to make crypto donation easier. The platform would connect crypto donors with nonprofits across numerous sectors.

The Giving Block on Wednesday, per a press release, would announce the next big development in Crypto Philanthropy with the creation of “Cause Funds.” Starting immediately, donors can contribute to 16 different funds that distribute charitable donations across multiple nonprofits working toward related goals.

The initiative allows donors to choose a specific organization to support and can spread donations among many organizations, helping lesser-known charities in donors’ categories of interest benefit from their generosity.

Crypto philanthropy platform mobilizing for donations

Before the crypto philanthropy platform launched its platform to make donations easier on Wednesday, it had previously unveiled its crypto giving pledge inviting crypto users worldwide to make a commitment to donate one percent or more of their crypto to any of the over 700 charitable organizations in its ecosystem of nonprofit partners.

The Crypto Giving Pledge is designed to create a culture of charitable giving in the crypto community and make it one of the most generous industries in the world. In order to do that, the platform help crypto donors maximize their impact and help charitable organizations fundraise crypto for important causes.

The Crypto Giving Pledge raises the visibility of the crypto philanthropy movement and empowers members of the community to transform their values from words into action.

Crypto as an instrument of charity

With the increasing adoption of crypto globally, it has continued to be used as an instrument for charity. On several occasions, it has been donated for humanitarian causes. One of it was in 2020 during the #EndSars protest in Nigeria. Youths in the country got crypto donations to aid their protest against police brutality.

Similarly, several NGOs now have crypto wallets where they receive donations in digital currencies to aid their cause.

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