Crypto miners want to modernize by adopting renewable energy sources

Crypto miners

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• Several cryptocurrency companies have expanded their operations with renewable energy.
• Crypto miners have improved their megawatts of electricity and, therefore, their Bitcoin extraction.

Although crypto has had several regulations by the China Government, it also continues to have enthusiasts who support it. As famously known, the El Salvador government has approved Bitcoin trading, and Brazil has also employed the use of Blockchain to create its token. Many companies support cryptocurrencies, such as Bit Digital, Marathon Digital, and Sphere 3D Corp.

Although the crypto landscape looks promising, there is a lot of concern regarding crypto mining, which has been continually expressed by several investors. This BTC decryption process consumes a lot of energy which brings significant damage to the environment. According to studies, to extract one Bitcoin, you supposedly need as much energy as Argentina consumes per year.

Faced with such accusations, several companies have created solutions to change the negative image that crypto miners have. For example, the Manhattan Solar company created a plan to build crypto data headquarters using a Gigawatt of reusable electricity within Texas.

The company ISW Holdings said to renew the crypto storage agreement with Bitmain. This agreement will expand the Georgia mining company operations.

Agreement with Bitmain crypto miners

Crypto miners

The head of Bitmain’s Antminer NCSA company, Irene Gao, thinks this deal with the crypto miners will see their operations expand. The 200 MW headquarters is part of the first round that will use reusable energy as its source. Gao says that she hopes to improve the plan for the future and thus support the growth of the crypto mining industry.

Bitmain is one of the best-known crypto miners in the field, and the CEO of ISW Holdings is pleased to work with them. Alonzo Pierce, ISW Holdings director, believes that when the 200 MW load goes online, Bitmain’s annual profits will grow. Pierce not only wants to stay in the first tier of mining but hopes to reach new milestones in the mining business.

The Marathon Digital company also reports that it has updated its mining facilities for Bitcoin in June. The mining company created around 226 BTC being minted since May. Marathon Digital increased its total storage of Bitcoin to exceed 5,000 tokens with a price of at least $203 million.

BTC mining ties grow after hitting an all-time high

After Bitcoin rose to its all-time high in May, many companies supporting crypto mining have been reported. The company Sphere 3D had announced its agreement with Gryphon to promote renewable BTC mining. The merger goal is to ensure crypto miners use 100 percent clean energy.

The SOS company said it partnered with Niagara to build an operations headquarters that supports renewable BTC mining by June. The companies want to mine BTC tokens with 150 MW of energy. Everything in the works so far indicates that the last months of 2021 will be unique for Bitcoin mining, with the crypto having a bullish streak since the 1st of August.

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