The crypto market is up today, and here’s a breakdown of today’s events 


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  • After the weekend’s negative crypto markets, the digital industry markets opened markets today on the rise, giving more hope for a sustainable bull run.
  • As Bitcoin trades in the above $35k, Ethereum has picked up pace, trading at above $1,800.
  • The bull run market has revived memecoins back to a place of market trade.

The digital currency market recorded a positive trajectory today, and this has been favored by various surges in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Pepe Coin, AXS, and DOGE. A bull run for these assets has signaled an expected market surge as optimistic sentiments flooded social platforms in light of the broader market move toward the upside. 

October 30 records an increase in crypto prices that proves investors are adopting riskier bets on cryptocurrencies. Major and minor participants experiencing this rally have been noted to influence the general market movement toward the green as the end of the crypto winter approaches.

 Market predictions have been made, and expert analysis has confirmed these predictions, following various crypto macroeconomic events in the future. 

Crypto assets showing a green market

Current market data suggest that investors are flooding an inflow of investments as they expect a bull rally. The major events fostering these upward movements are the Fed’s reaction to the high inflation and their mitigation plans. 

Regardless of the positive market prediction, a sudden hike in crypto market prices is expected by the end of the year. Moreover, any additional indication of dovish or hawkish movements could affect the entire financial market, the crypto space included. 

Among the rising assets include Bitcoin, which experienced a gain of 0.89% and surged to $34,318 over the past 24 hours. Its daily trading volume rose to 22.85%, accounting for $12.20 billion. Additionally, Bitcoin has experienced a surge of over 20% in the past month. Fostering this is the growing spot Bitcoin ETF approval by the SEC. 

Bitcoin also recorded an increase in market capitalization by 0.88%, reaching $675.4 billion at the time of writing, with a real-time price tag of $34,587.32. The surge also added to the total seven-day surge by 12%. 

The second largest crypto by market cap, Ethereum, also surged by 0.46% in the past day. Its current price is at $1,803 and is currently accounting for a 2.24% increase in volume. Its market cap is also up by 1.68% to an estimated $218.85 billion. For its one-day trading volume, ETH rose to $4.71 billion, and this recorded a 15.84% increase. 

Minor assets expressing a price surge

Amid the rise of the major, XRP also witnessed an increase in its market price by 1.42% to $0.5596. Its market cap rose by 2.12% to $29.98 billion in the past 24 hours. Additionally, its daily trading volume rose to $858.9 billion, and this was an estimate of a 63.3% increase at the time of writing. 

Solana’s SOL also rose and added an 8.24% and is currently recording an 8.27% increase in market cap to $14.6 billion. Its trading volume in the past 24 hours also increased by 112%, $867 million, based on SOL’s current price of $34.85.

Cardano also witnessed a price surge to $0.2982 at the time of writing, and this was a 1.60% daily increase. Its volume and market cap rose by 36.9% and 1.55%, respectively. Currently, its market capitalization is at $10.51 billion, with a trading volume of $171.9 million. 

Minor assets, including memecoins, also recorded a positive trajectory towards the upside as Dogecoin‘s price rose by 0.67% to its current price of $0.06926 and an increase in trading volume by 7.76% to $217.2 million. 

Axie Infinity (AXS) rose by 16.2%. The famous web3 gaming crypto currently trades at $5.79 as of October 30 at the time of writing. This accounted for a 433.11% increase in trading volume, tagged at $270.4 million. Pepe Coin wasn’t left behind as it recorded a similar increase of 5.04% daily increase and a 22.78% increase in trading volume. 

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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