Crypto derivatives exchanges have found a new home in Asia

Crypto derivatives exchanges have found a new home in Asia

Last year has been very good for the Bitcoin derivatives market, with steady growth and an overall increase in interest from the cryptosphere. People have started visualizing these derivatives as a legitimate investment vehicle.

Although the interest is global, Asian countries have impressed the most and hence the crypto derivatives exchanges look to find a new home in Asia. Countries like Singapore, India and South Korea hold massive potential for the crypto market in the coming future.

Joyce Yang, chief executive officer of Global Coin Research has described how the Asian countries have risen to prominence in the cryptosphere. There are a lot of crypto derivatives exchanges operating from the continent and have shown explosive growth patterns in the last year. In the words of Yang, Asia has convinced her that it is going to become one of the strongest blockchain and crypto hubs.

Asia acceptance is totally different from the US

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of FTX has said this many times that the Asian market is different from the US market, especially in the case of crypto derivatives exchanges.

Asian derivatives exchanges like OKEx are showing great growth by getting new retail traders signing for them in large numbers. FTX strives to become one of the leading crypto derivatives exchanges after it lifted $8 million in a funding round recently.

Crypto derivative exchanges driven out of Europe, US

Yang also said that certain regulations in Europe and the US are driving out the derivatives exchanges. Recently, 5AMLD regulation has forced crypto derivative exchange Deribit out of Europe and will relocate its offices in Panama, which is a crypto-friendly nation.

She also pointed out that this year, derivatives trading and leverage trading have gained huge attention from a lot of investors and this is happening mostly in Asia. 

Mihir Sharma

Mihir Sharma

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