Crypto.com introduces an advertisement featuring the actor Matt Damon

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  • Crypto.com brings the famous Jason Bourne actor Matt Damon on its advertisement to push Web 3.0.
  • Fortune Favors the Brave aims to encourage its vision of evolving the internet and empowering the future of people globally.

Crypto.com users will soon feast their eyes on a new advertisement rolling out on the platform, with its face being the actor Matt Damon. The ad dubbed ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ is the first thing you will see when you load the Crypto.com official website. 


Crypto.com has its focus on revolutionizing Web 3.0 and ushering a new age to the internet. Furthermore, it wishes to give every participant a chance to be a part of an innovative network, unlike the current centralized internet. Its basis being a cryptocurrency is an additional advantage, offering all the benefits that the coin offers. 

The advertisement wishes to express its goals that were otherwise considered far-fetched. It recognizes the work it has at hand, dedicating every minute to building the impossible. It hopes to present financial freedom, identity protection, and overall data control by individuals in the long run.

Matt Damon is the face of this dream that Crypto.com describes as hard and long. However, it is not backing down from achieving its objectives, despite the time and resources to dedicate to it.

Crypto.com expanding its platform

Among the core values of the platform is empowering its users and other people globally while providing necessary services in the current market. The ad is a broad announcement that it stands by its principles while supporting progression through partnerships. According to its blog, the ad is a harbinger during this time when crypto adoption seems to be on a larger scale. Moreover, the platform is a significant driver of the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Its partnership with Matt Damon extends to Water.org that the platform donated $1 million to, in vigilance, to help it achieve its purpose. The organization is providing clean water and sanitation services to the needy. The partnership pushes for a broader approach to Water.org’s vision of empowered communities worldwide and devoid of bias.

Crypto.com encourages its user base to play a part in the nonprofit’s goals while taking advantage of its platform’s features. Currently, its involvement extends to Visa, NFTs, DeFi, blockchain, blockchain security, digital asset trade, wallet services, to mention but a few.

Celebrities becoming significant crypto contributors

The internet community has been in a frenzy following the constant contribution of celebrities in its cause. While Elon Musk is among the most influential names driving the digital assets market, other stars are too.

Recently, famous quarterback Tom Brady was the face of FTX exchange’s Super Bowl ad. The advertisement showcases next year’s Super Bowl, an event always looked forward to by many. Moreover, its campaign wants to spread the word that cryptocurrencies are a secure investment, contrary to what many in traditional finance believe. Like Crypto.com, it feels that mass crypto adoption is significant. 

The exchange shows dedication to spreading advantages of digital assets in partnership with popular sports events. This year has seen nearly five related ads by the exchange. 

Other names everyone should note are Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Akon, Serena Williams, Massey Williams, the Winklevoss twins, Jack Dorsey, to mention but a few. Undeniably, celebrities’ talk on digital assets is a notable influence in the markets, and the world is yet to see more on the assets.

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