Crypto adoption increasing amidst global protests

Crypto adoption increasing amidst global protests

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  • Crypto adoption increasing amidst global protests.
  • Political unrest sways fiat prices across the globe.
  • Cryptocurrencies becoming a fair alternate for the masses.

Political unrest has been an ongoing dilemma for several countries, including the US and China. While most governments can handle a short skirmish here and there, 2020, however, is a different story. Imprinted with a contagion virus lurking its way through crowds and any form of human contact, the post-COVID-19 scenario is erupting since the George Floyd incident in the US.

Despite the criticality of 2020’s socio-economic crisis, no corner of the world has been spared from non-conformists sparking unrest. From the Asian continent’s Hong Kong and Thailand to Africa’s Nigeria and Somalia to the United States of America, protestors continue to spark unrest and make their voices heard.

Case for crypto adoption across the globe

Fighting for all kinds of objectives ranging from equal civil rights, condemning law-abiding bodies supposedly unfair decisions to demand re-assessment on vote counting, these nonconformists distress still have one factor in common.

Fighting against people of power backed up with immense lawful strength and who controls anything and everything within their jurisdiction weakens the case for protests regardless of the strength. Belarus is one of the strongest examples of such crypto adoption reasons. Working through the gaps of political power is the best shot forward. Another major reason for growing crypto adoption is the fluctuation in the fiat prices especially in third world countries like Nigeria and politically unstable Argentina.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency facilitate dissidents to ditch conventional financial institutions and empower themselves through cryptocurrency adoption. In the current times where little to no government sanctions exist for crypto transactions, sending and receiving payments using open-source software is one of the best bets to fight against legal and political power.

A group of Nigerian activists termed as “Feminist Coalition” fighting the police uprising within Nigeria and strong advocates of ending the SARS campaign have utilized the Bitcoin facility through Flutterware payment processor to receive donations. Their supporters spread across the globe empowered the movement through crypto adoption after conventional financial institutions closed their bank accounts.

The organization benefitted on dual ends by switching to the Bitcoin wave as payment receipt remains concealed from the people whose power is vested withing conventional monetary institutions and also seals the privacy of the donors.

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