Nigeria protest group Feminist Coalition seeks Bitcoin donations

Nigeria protest group Feminist Coalition seeks Bitcoin donations

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Nigeria protest group Feminist Coalition is now accepting Bitcoin donations to fund protests against police brutality by a police unit.

Feminist Coalition is one of the many groups supporting and funding protests across Nigeria to end the police brutality being committed by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Nigeria protests

People in Nigeria are protesting to abolish the controversial SARS unit that has allegedly been abusing its power to commit heinous acts against the people of Nigeria.

According to Nigeria protest group Feminist Coalition, the unit has been indulging in illegal activities including kidnapping, stealing, beating, and raping young Nigerians. The abuse of power by the SARS unit has caused the people of Nigeria to rise in protest. To demand the abolishment of the unit, peaceful protests were conducted across the country.

However, the protests were met with violence by the authorities who tear-gassed, arrested, and used water canons to brutalise the protesters. According to Amnesty International, at least ten people have lost their lives due to police brutality during the protests.

The DG of police has stated that the SARS unit will be abolished. However, citizens were not satisfied as the members of the SARS unit will be redeployed in other departments, including the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit made to replace SARS.

Citizens demand public inquiries and investigations into every act of brutality. Furthermore, all members of the SARS unit need to get psychological evaluation and retraining by an independent body.

Bitcoin donations

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took it to Twitter to ask people to donate for the Nigeria protests.

Feminist Coalition is one of the many Nigeria protest groups working to arrange and coordinate protests. The group was accepting donations through bank transfers to fund protests. However, the bank account was blocked, causing the group to shift to BTC Pay due to its censorship-resistant nature.

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