Crypterium Becomes Choise.com, the MetaFi Ecosystem Connecting CeFi and DeFi

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London, UK, 15th July, 2022, Chainwire


Popular crypto wallet Crypterium has rebranded to Choise.com and declared its intent to connect the worlds of centralised and decentralised finance. Its new mandate will see Choise.com evolve into a MetaFi ecosystem that gives users exposure to the best elements of CeFi and DeFi.

Since its launch in 2017, the company has grown rapidly, expanding its ecosystem with new products and services. In the process, Crypterium has evolved into much more than a mere cryptocurrency wallet.

The rebrand marks the greatest milestone in the project’s history. Choise.com represents a massive leap forward, transforming Crypterium into an innovative digital asset ecosystem that will give its users greater choice and financial freedom than ever before.

Choise.com’s maiden mission is to create the industry’s first MetaFi ecosystem. By combining centralised and decentralised finance products and services, its platform gives users the choice to earn more on their coins through yield farming, DEXs, liquidity pools, and lending protocols. The new-look platform promises an intuitive user experience, state-of-the-art security and customer support, and a single marketplace to suit the needs of everyone from newcomers to veterans.

“When I launched Crypterium back in 2017, one of the main challenges was to connect traditional banking with the then-new and unexplored blockchain technology. At the time, our goal was to create a neobank for crypto and make digital assets simpler for users. As we have developed alongside the cryptocurrency market, our mission has broadened. Now, we do not only want to simplify access to crypto but also to provide users with new ways to earn more. To achieve that, we are building the Choise.com MetaFi ecosystem that seamlessly connects CeFi and DeFi across multiple blockchains, protocols, wallets, and liquidity pools with the same convenience as our clients have already been enjoying on Crypterium,” – Vladimir Gorbunov, Founder and CEO of Choise.com, shared more about the company’s vision in a founder’s letter.

Choise.com will aggregate crypto solutions under one roof, making it possible for newbies and pros to generate revenue on their digital assets. Its battle-tested CeFi services provide a convenient way for clients to store, exchange, invest, and spend their digital assets with the Crypterium Debit Card, bank transfers, and seamless fiat on- and off-ramps.

This will be complemented by the Charism protocol that gives users access to decentralised finance tools, protocols, and dApps to generate revenue above current market rates without facing the complexity of DeFi. Users can also leverage CHO, Choise.com’s native token, to maximise their profits with yield farming and staking by receiving additional APY from intelligent wealth management and CHO airdrops.

Furthermore, Choise.com’s crypto price insurance product allows customers to fix a guaranteed minimum price when purchasing digital assets (currently, the service is only available for BTC and ETH). This way, if the price of a given cryptocurrency appears to be less than the insurance price at expiry, the user’s losses will be covered by the insurance.

At the same time, users can leverage dual-currency interest accounts to earn high returns through an income-generation yield strategy. After purchasing the short-term investment product with BTC or ETH, Choise.com will assess how the settlement price (the price of BTC or ETH at the time of the settlement) compares with the linked price at expiry. If the prior is higher than the latter, the user receives his return in the investment currency (BTC or ETH). On the other hand, when the settlement price is lower than the linked price, the platform will distribute yield in the USDC stablecoin.

About Choise.com

Choise.com is the first-ever MetaFi ecosystem that combines the best of the CeFi and DeFi worlds under a single, user-friendly platform. Choise.com is the evolution of Crypterium, serving over 700,000 registered users and with a €230 million turnover in 2021. With the recent rebrand, the company seeks to offer its clients the most profitable and exciting opportunities to earn crypto via centralised and decentralised finance solutions alike.
Learn more: https://choise.com/



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