Court limits SEC use of new cases in Binance crypto battle


  • Judge Amy Berman Jackson limits the SEC’s ability to use supplemental authority in its case against Binance, marking a significant turn in legal proceedings.
  • The court’s order aims to streamline the legal process by focusing on initially cited cases, prohibiting new case discussions by both the SEC and Binance.
  • Tensions between the SEC and the cryptocurrency industry escalate as the regulator intensifies investigations and legal actions against significant exchanges.

The US District Court Judge, Amy Berman Jackson, issued an order limiting the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s ability to leverage supplemental authority in ongoing litigation involving the crypto exchange Binance. The directive, dated March 11, signifies a significant turn in the legal proceedings, as it directly addresses the SEC’s strategy of citing additional cases post-briefing. The judge’s decision underscores the court’s intent to narrow the scope of arguments, prohibiting both the SEC and Binance from discussing or describing new cases beyond those initially cited in their briefs.

The order also clarifies that neither party needs to respond to notices of supplemental authority. This ruling follows an earlier request from the court for both entities to reference cases mentioned in their briefs without relying on new developments to fortify their positions. The directive aims to streamline the legal process and maintain focus on the core issues at hand without the distraction of continually evolving case law references.

Legal tensions escalate between SEC and crypto entities

This court order emerges amidst escalating tensions between the SEC and critical players in the cryptocurrency industry. The SEC has initiated several investigations and legal actions against major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, citing regulatory infractions. These efforts are part of the regulator’s broader push to establish oversight within the rapidly evolving crypto market. However, the crypto community has criticized the SEC for what they perceive as an aggressive and unclear regulatory approach.

Recent cases, including a default judgment in a Coinbase insider trading case and a class action lawsuit against Binance, have fueled debates over the SEC’s handling of crypto-related litigation. Legal representatives for Binance and Coinbase have dismissed the SEC’s reliance on these decisions as foundational to their regulatory stance. They argue that such precedents do not contribute constructively to the ongoing dialogue about regulatory clarity and the future of cryptocurrency regulation.

Regulatory clarity in the crypto industry remains elusive

The lack of clear guidelines from regulatory bodies has been a point of contention within the cryptocurrency sector. Coinbase, for instance, has taken legal action against the SEC for its alleged arbitrary enforcement actions and failure to provide clear regulatory frameworks. Paul Grewal, Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer, has voiced concerns over the SEC’s approach, highlighting the absence of definitive rules governing the crypto industry.

The issue of regulatory clarity extends beyond the SEC, with figures like Travis Hill, Vice Chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), critiquing the SEC’s guidelines on crypto accounting. The broader financial oversight community appears divided on how best to integrate and regulate digital assets, underscoring the challenges in balancing innovation with investor protection.

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