Court acquits AT&T in $24m sim swap hack case

The Federal court has acquitted AT&T in twenty-four million dollars ($24m) sim swap hack case. The case was filed by the victim of the hack Michael Terpin.

Federal Judge Otis Wright II had initially accepted the Terpin’s two hundred and twenty-four million dollars ($224M) petition against the telco giant in public interest.

However, the case has been dismissed largely on lack of evidence where the reports claim that Terpin failed to prove that AT&T was directly responsible for the sim hack. The access to information telco giant provided to Terpin’s phone number was not directly linked to the twenty-four million ($24m).

However, lawyers explain that the case would go on after an amended pleading that would properly make the connection.

Further to that the current set back provides AT&T a cushion since the hack was carried out by third-party hackers and whether or not AT&T would use it in their defense.

Experts also expressed their surprise that such a huge amount on a single exchange account was protected, however, the phone was compromised.

Terpin is building his case with the argument that AT&T must have been diligent on their part and the access provided to the information enabled the hackers to steal his money stored in cryptocurrency.