Coronavirus cryptocurrencies now in circulation

Coronavirus cryptocurrencies now in circulation

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Coronavirus cryptocurrencies are the latest trend in the cryptocurrency sphere where the virus has the world engulfed in fear there is another side to it as well.

Coronavirus has spread across the globe in the past few weeks and has caused public health and economic disasters including the Bitcoin market crash all around. However, some people capitalize on any ubiquitous news; an example of this can be seen from the fact that some people have launched crypto-currencies based on the name of the coronavirus disease.

Until now, there are 3 known Coronavirus cryptocurrencies with the name “CORONA”, i.e. CoronaCoin (NCOV), Coronavirus Token (CNV) and, CORONA (CORONA).

Coronavirus Cryptocurrencies: CoronaCoin (NCOV)

This is a meme currency with its bases rooted deep in the internet humor. A certain number of tokens are embedded every 48 hours based on the statistics of those who died in that period due to coronavirus. However, this rather ghastly project has a generous side which entails donating 20 percent of the amount of cryptocurrency to the Red Cross.

Which one is the original “Coronavirus cryptocurrency”?

Corona team members, however, are not that comical as they believe and claim that they are the original Coronavirus cryptocurrency based on the widespread Coronavirus disease.

The explained their position clear on Twitter, expressing that 2 fake cryptocurrencies were found with the same name and that they were the original project that started in January of this year.

The project website explains that the purpose of this project is to spread the currency free of cost through “infected addresses” to inform the public about illnesses and the real culprits. The website named these culprits being the “pharmaceutical companies, chemical laboratories, virus manufacturers and biological weapons”.

On the contrary, there isn’t any real information regarding coronavirus tokens (CNV), except that it is an ECR-20 currency like (NCOV).

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