Core Stake Takes Center Stage: Major Update for Avalanche Stakers

Core Stake Takes Center Stage: Major Update for Avalanche Stakers

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  • Avalanche is transitioning from its current Web Wallet to Core Stake, a new platform for enhanced staking experience, with the change set to be completed by November 30th.
  • Core Stake offers users improved functionality and control, including direct staking to validators and customizable options for stake amount, duration, and delegation fees, aiming to streamline and improve the Avalanche staking process.

In a significant development for users of the Avalanche blockchain, the current Avalanche Web Wallet is set to be phased out by November 30th. This move marks a pivotal shift in how Avalanche stakers will manage their assets and staking activities.

Transitioning from Avalanche web wallet to core stake

The Avalanche team has announced that all staking operations currently handled through the Avalanche Web Wallet will transition to Core Stake. This change is part of Avalanche’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and provide more robust staking options. Users are advised to switch to Core Stake, which can be accessed either through the Core extension or by connecting a Ledger hardware wallet. This transition ensures that users can access their accounts with the same ease but in a new, more user-friendly interface.

The phasing out of the Avalanche Web Wallet is a strategic move to consolidate staking operations and streamline the process for users. Core Stake promises an intuitive user interface and improved functionality, making it easier for both new and experienced stakers to manage their investments. The transition to Core Stake is designed to be seamless, ensuring that users will not lose any rewards during the switch.

Enhanced staking features with Core Stake

Core Stake introduces a range of enhanced features for staking on the Avalanche network. Users can now stake directly to their preferred validator or delegate their $AVAX with complete control over various configurations. This includes the ability to set the stake amount, determine the staking duration, and decide on delegation fees. These features provide Avalanche stakers with greater flexibility and control over their staking activities, aligning with the network’s commitment to user empowerment and decentralized governance.

The introduction is a testament to Avalanche’s dedication to providing a secure, efficient, and user-centric staking experience. By offering direct staking to validators and customizable delegation options, Core Stake caters to the diverse needs of the Avalanche community. Whether users are looking to maximize their rewards or support specific validators, Core Stake provides the tools and flexibility needed to achieve their staking goals.

Preparing for the future of Avalanche staking

The transition to Core Stake is more than just a change in the user interface; it represents Avalanche’s vision for the future of staking on its network. By focusing on user experience and feature-rich staking options, Avalanche is positioning itself as a leading blockchain for secure and efficient staking operations. The move to Core Stake is expected to attract more users to the Avalanche network, bolstering its position in the competitive landscape of blockchain technologies.

As the November 30th deadline approaches, Avalanche stakers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Core Stake and its features. The Avalanche team is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and has provided resources and support to assist users in migrating to the new platform. This transition is a crucial step in Avalanche’s journey toward creating a more accessible, secure, and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem.


The phasing out of the Avalanche Web Wallet and the transition to Core Stake is a significant milestone for the Avalanche community. It reflects the network’s commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. With enhanced staking features, a user-friendly interface, and a focus on security and efficiency, Core Stake is set to become the new standard for staking on the Avalanche network. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, Avalanche remains at the forefront, driving innovation and user empowerment in the staking domain.

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