Colombia pushes for the use of metaverse in its legal system


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  • Colombia uses metaverse in its legal system
  • Colombian judge applauds the initiative
  • Analyst predicts future integration of Web3

Colombia has put itself at the front of innovation after the first-ever legal proceeding in the metaverse was carried out this week. According to the details from the report, the case heard by the court was a dispute between two people in a traffic hassle. The case was argued for more than an hour and will continue in the metaverse in the coming days. In addition, the case will see the final verdict passed in the Colombian metaverse court.

Colombian judge applauds the initiative

According to details from the proceeding, the two aggrieved parties were represented with avatars. The presiding judge was also represented with an avatar, but she had a black robe depicting her status in the metaverse. Notably, Colombia becomes one of the few countries where this feat has been achieved, with the presiding judge telling reporters that the feeling was excellent. In her words, she said that everything felt more natural than a video call.

This latest update is coming from a recent survey conducted in January. In the survey, the participants were asked about their various thoughts on the metaverse. About 69% of them mentioned that the metaverse could blow to become big in the future due to its many use cases, especially in the entertainment and social industries.

Analyst predicts future integration of Web3

According to an author and proponent of the Web3 ecosystem, the metaverse will witness more infusion in the coming years. She mentioned that the ecosystem is well-placed to enable people to interact across all spheres of life. This means that people do most activities that even the physical limits them from doing. For example, the dating sector could witness a major boost from the metaverse as people can date other people across different castes and countries without being available in their locations.

This way, the socialization aspect of our lives would be impacted positively. The recent forum held by the WEF also featured the good that the metaverse can do across different industries. The forum also featured a Web3 experience where participants were taken through the real-life feel of the metaverse.

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