What Can Save AI Hype From Turning Into An Economic Bubble?

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  • Domain hosting firm Fasthosts analyzes NFTs to predict AI’s future.
  • AI’s rise mirrors the NFT craze, but it won’t meet the same fate.
  • A balanced perspective is needed to maximize AI’s potential and mitigate challenges.

Domain hosting firm Fasthosts draws parallels between the NFT craze and the current artificial intelligence (AI) hype. As AI dominates headlines and is hailed as the next phase of the industrial revolution, questions arise about whether it will follow a similar path as NFTs. With the recognition and adoption of AI growing exponentially, analysts are seeking to apply lessons from the NFT bubble to navigate the future developments of AI.

AI hype is a key topic in 2023

AI has become a prominent topic in 2023, much like NFTs were in 2021, with some experts connecting AI to the next industrial revolution. While AI has been around for a significant period, its widespread recognition and adoption across various industries have been recent developments. Despite the hype surrounding AI, there is a growing understanding that many of its promises will take longer to materialize, differentiating it from the rapid rise and fall of NFTs.

One of the risks associated with AI is over-hyping its capabilities, which can lead to inflated expectations and a distorted understanding of how machine learning truly works. Machine learning relies on detecting predictable patterns from large datasets rather than being an all-encompassing sentient entity. The over-hyping of AI can detract from the precise nature of its functioning. Just as NFTs faced market share price drops, revenue loss, and negative press, AI may experience similar setbacks. But, AI’s existence is not solely dependent on market dynamics or public attention; it will persist and evolve regardless.

The simmering down of the market creates fear of an economic bubble

A bubble is used to refer to a good or fortunate situation that is isolated from reality or unlikely to last. The term “bubble”, in reference to financial crisis, originated in the 1711–1720 British South Sea Bubble, and originally referred to the companies themselves, and their inflated stock, rather than to the crisis itself. An economic bubble is caused by a high demand for a particular asset, an overtly optimistic investor sentiment, a positive news story, and speculations. Famous financial bubbles include the Tulip Mania, South Sea Bubble, Mississippi Bubble, Dotcom Bubble, and the US Housing Bubble.

In the current scenario, while NFTs experienced a decline, they did not signify their demise. Instead, the industry went through a period of recalibration and maturation. Similarly, AI will continue to operate even when the hype subsides. Many AI technologies, such as video recommendations on YouTube and Netflix, predictive text in emails and phones, and smart home devices, have been a part of people’s lives long before they became widely aware of them. The main difference now is the level of hype and media attention. It is crucial for the market to simmer down and approach AI with a balanced perspective.

As AI continues to find its place in our world, the human response will play a crucial role in shaping its future. Just as the decline of NFTs prompted recalibration and maturation, a balanced perspective is essential for AI’s sustainable growth. Through a thoughtful and measured approach, we can harness AI’s true potential while avoiding unrealistic expectations and detrimental consequences. As AI integrates further into our lives and industries, we are responsible for guiding its development and mitigating potential challenges.

What the future of AI holds

While similarities exist between the NFT bubble and the current AI hype, it is essential to recognize the distinct nature of these technological phenomena. As AI continues to dominate headlines, its trajectory and impact remain uncertain. By learning from the rise and fall of NFTs, industry commentators, and analysts can navigate the future developments of AI with a balanced perspective. As AI finds its place in our world, it is the collective human response that will shape its market dynamics and determine its long-term success.

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