Cointree allows bill payment through ETH, BTC, and others in Australia

Cointree is an authorized crypto exchanging platform and blockchain firm based in Australia. It has recently publicized a method of making bill payments via cryptocurrency.

The move comes as a great mainstreaming opportunity for cryptocurrencies in the country and is welcomed by the cryptocurrency sphere.

In line with a report, Finextra, Cointree, and Gobbill collaborated to form a startup dedicated to automatize bill payment mechanism for domestic and local industries.

At present, it is directing a pilot project to pay BPAY bills with any recognized coin, like BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC etc.

Conversely, subsequently after the experimental stage, BTC, BCH and ETH can be used by Australian customers to make bill payments. The operations manager at Cointree – Jess Renden stated that the firm received multiple requests to realize the bill payment method via crypto.

Our company had been searching for a stress-free and secure method to realize this proposal as we are aware of its mammoth usefulness in making private and commercial trades.

Furthermore, she added that Cointree’s collaboration with Gobbill facilitated bringing crypto to the common people and decreases the incidence of fraud by improving safety for the customers.

She went on saying that with the mainstreaming of Cryptocurrency, it should be integrated into their member’s routine life to provide diverse services and alternatives.

Shendon Ewans – the executive head of Gobbill, further stated that the service was completely Australian controlled service which is meek, harmless and protected with more than forty thousand (40,000) billers, a wide choice of coins at a meagre fee.