CoinStats introduces chain activity feature for wallet tracking

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  • CoinStats introduces Chain Activity, helping users track wallet performance and airdrop potential.
  • Users can calculate an Activity Score, monitor transactions, and manage fees effortlessly.

Crypto enthusiasts can now easily monitor their wallet performance and engagement on specific blockchain networks, thanks to CoinStats’ latest feature – Chain Activity. With the growing popularity of crypto airdrops, keeping tabs on wallet activity has become more crucial than ever. Chain Activity offers users valuable insights into their wallet’s performance, helping them assess their likelihood of receiving airdrops and compare their engagement with others on the same chain.

A comprehensive wallet tracking solution

CoinStats has introduced a powerful new feature called Chain Activity, designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their wallet’s performance on specific blockchain networks. This feature is especially valuable for individuals engaged in airdrop farming on chains like zkSync Era, Starknet, Polygon zkEVM, and more.

One of the key functionalities of Chain Activity is its ability to calculate an Activity Score for users. This score allows individuals to gauge how their wallet’s activity compares to others engaged in airdrop farming on the same chain. The Activity Score is capped at 100 points and represents the average percentage of a user’s activity. This score is prominently displayed as the top card in the Chain Activity feature, offering users a clear picture of their wallet’s performance.

Chain Activity also provides users with an exact count of all their transactions on a specific blockchain network. This feature enables users to monitor their transaction patterns effortlessly, ensuring they are always well-informed about their wallet’s activity.

For those who actively trade cryptocurrencies, Chain Activity offers a convenient way to track their trading activity on a specific chain. Users can view the total volume of their transactions, allowing for better management of their assets and trading strategies.

Managing fees is a crucial aspect of cryptocurrency transactions, and Chain Activity helps users stay updated on the total amount of fees they have spent across a particular chain. This information is invaluable for optimizing asset management and transaction strategies.

Chain Activity goes a step further by providing insights into a user’s last active time on the blockchain. It also aggregates on-chain activity data over days, weeks, and months, giving users a comprehensive view of their engagement and overall on-chain activity. This historical data can be particularly useful for analyzing trends and making informed decisions.

Unlocking airdrop potential

Chain Activity is a game-changer for airdrop enthusiasts. It allows them to assess their likelihood of receiving airdrops on specific chains and compare their wallet’s engagement with the broader actions taking place on the blockchain. This feature empowers users to make data-driven decisions to optimize their participation in airdrop campaigns.

To access Chain Activity and monitor your wallet’s performance, simply visit CoinStats or download the CoinStats app. Once connected to your wallet, navigate to the 3-dot menu and select “Analytics.” You will then be presented with a clear and detailed overview of your wallet’s activities on specific blockchain networks.

CoinStats is a trusted portfolio manager with a user base of over 1 million people worldwide. It offers a seamless solution for managing all crypto, DeFi, CeFi, and NFT assets on a single platform. CoinStats provides unparalleled convenience and speed in tracking, swapping, buying, sending, receiving, and earning on crypto—all from one unified platform.

Extensive blockchain support

CoinStats sets itself apart with its extensive integration capabilities, supporting over 70+ blockchains. This allows users to seamlessly navigate through a vast array of networks, ensuring that their cryptocurrency portfolio remains easily accessible and manageable.

CoinStats boasts the most extensive integration capabilities among all portfolio managers in the crypto market. It supports over 1000 DeFi protocols and over 300 wallets and exchanges, including popular platforms like Binance, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, and many more. This wide-ranging support ensures that users can easily track and manage their assets, regardless of where they are stored or traded.

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