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  • A new CoinShares report has revealed that crypto investment products have reached a record-breaking $17.5 billion in one week.
  • Strategic acquisition and varied performance dynamics.

Cryptocurrency investment products at major asset managers such as Bitwise, Grayscale, and 21Shares have recently experienced an unprecedented surge in trading activity, reaching a record-breaking $17.5 billion in the past week, according to a CoinShares report. The notable uptick in trading volumes can be attributed to the commencement of trading for spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the digital asset market.

CoinShares outlines details of the achievement

During the week under review, these trading volumes represented almost 90% of the daily trading volumes on reliable exchanges, a substantial departure from the typical range of 2%-10%. James Butterfill, CoinShares’ Head of Research, highlighted this anomaly, particularly emphasizing the unusually high trading volumes observed on the preceding Friday. In conjunction with the heightened trading activity, these cryptocurrency investment products attracted $1.18 billion in inflows during the week, awaiting T+2 settlement.

However, while the inflows were substantial, they fell short of the record set in October 2021 when futures-based ETFs were introduced, garnering an impressive $1.5 billion. Bitcoin funds emerged as the primary beneficiaries, securing $1.16 billion, constituting 98% of the total inflows. Conversely, short Bitcoin investment products saw minor inflows of $4.1 million. Among other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum-based products attracted $25.7 million in inflows, XRP funds received $2.2 million, and Solana investment products brought in a more modest $0.5 million.

A closer examination of the regional distribution of these activities revealed that U.S.-based funds dominated, generating $1.24 billion in inflows. In contrast, Europe experienced minor outflows overall. Butterfill speculated that the outflows in Europe and Canada might be attributed to basis traders seeking to shift from Europe to the U.S., reflecting the dynamic and interconnected nature of the global cryptocurrency market. Beyond the realm of cryptocurrency-specific investment products, blockchain equities also witnessed a notable increase, with $98 million in inflows during the same week.

Strategic acquisition and varied performance dynamics

This marked the seventh consecutive week of positive inflows, bringing the total to an impressive $608 million during this period. The sustained interest in blockchain equities indicates a broader trend of growing investor confidence in the broader blockchain and digital asset ecosystem. In the wake of the debut of newly approved spot bitcoin ETFs, including the Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund (BRRR), CoinShares made a strategic move by exercising its option to acquire Valkyrie Funds.

This decision was aimed at extending CoinShares’ success in Europe to the U.S. market, providing unparalleled access to regulated digital asset products for American investors. CoinShares CEO Jean-Marie Mognetti underlined the significance of this expansion as a clear statement of their appetite for acquisition to support their ambition to be a global leader in the digital asset space. However, despite these positive developments, the Valkyrie spot bitcoin ETF emerged as the third lowest performer in terms of trading volume among the 11 spot bitcoin ETFs launched on that Thursday.

It recorded just under $9 million in trading volume, significantly lower than BlackRock’s ETF, which reached $1 billion, and Grayscale’s converted fund, with an impressive $2.27 billion in trading volume. This discrepancy in performance among different ETFs highlights the nuanced dynamics within the cryptocurrency investment space. The cryptocurrency investment landscape witnessed remarkable activity fueled by the introduction of spot bitcoin ETFs in the U.S.

The surge in trading volumes and inflows underscored the growing interest and confidence in digital assets. While the overall market experienced positive trends, specific disparities in the performance of different ETFs highlighted the nuanced dynamics within the cryptocurrency investment space. CoinShares’ strategic acquisition of Valkyrie Funds further signaled a commitment to global leadership in the digital asset sector, even as challenges and variations in performance continue to shape this evolving market.

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