CoinMENA partners with Onramp for enhanced Bitcoin research


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  • CoinMENA, a leading MENA cryptocurrency platform, has partnered with Onramp Bitcoin.
  • The partnership aims to provide MENA investors high-quality Bitcoin research and educational resources.
  • CoinMENA is licensed by Dubai’s VARA and the Central Bank of Bahrain, ensuring regulated services.

In a significant development for cryptocurrency investors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), CoinMENA, a prominent digital asset platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Onramp Bitcoin, a global leader in Bitcoin asset management. This collaboration is set to offer MENA investors access to institutional-grade Bitcoin research and educational resources, marking a milestone in the region’s digital asset sector.

Enhancing Bitcoin investment in MENA

CoinMENA, licensed by Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) and the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), is recognized for its robust on-ramp and off-ramp services, bridging traditional banking with digital assets. The partnership with Onramp Bitcoin is poised to enhance the investment experience in the region significantly. CoinMENA’s co-founders, Talal Tabbaa, and Dina Sam’an, emphasized the importance of this partnership in providing comprehensive market research and education to empower investors. They noted that as Bitcoin becomes a mainstream asset, access to insightful analysis is crucial for informed, long-term investment decisions.

The collaboration is not just limited to educational initiatives. It also includes exploring innovative custody solutions tailored for institutional investors. This move is particularly timely, given the increasing interest of these entities in digital asset investment. The partnership further strengthens CoinMENA’s position in the region following its collaboration with BitGo, a global leader in digital asset financial services.

Onramp Bitcoin’s global vision and the MENA market

Onramp Bitcoin, co-founded by CEO Michael Tanguma, brings a global perspective to this partnership. Tanguma highlighted the need to disseminate valuable Bitcoin-focused educational resources worldwide. He pointed out that access to high-quality materials, such as research, podcasts, webinars, and data-driven tools like the Onramp Terminal, is essential for successful long-term Bitcoin ownership. Onramp’s approach combines these educational resources with a first-principles approach to custody, ensuring a comprehensive service offering for investors.

This partnership is particularly significant as it targets one of the fastest-growing regions in the digital asset space. The MENA region has shown a burgeoning interest in cryptocurrency and digital assets, making it a strategic location for such collaborations. With Onramp’s international experience and CoinMENA’s regional expertise, the partnership is well-positioned to cater to the nuanced needs of MENA investors.

The strategic alliance between CoinMENA and Onramp Bitcoin is more than just a business collaboration; it represents a forward-thinking approach in the digital asset space. By focusing on high-quality educational content and state-of-the-art custody solutions, the partnership aims to elevate the standard of Bitcoin investment in the MENA region. This endeavor aligns with the broader global trend of digital asset integration into mainstream finance and investment portfolios.

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