Coinflict extension will reveal anti crypto sentiment on Twitter

Coinflict of Interest is a new browser extension. Luke Childs, who is an open source developer has created this extension. The purpose of this browser extension is to remove all sorts of biases and stigmas around certain cryptocurrencies.

It gives the user sufficient information regarding any cryptocurrency so that they can make a decision based on facts and not just biases posted from people on Twitter.

Cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming the norm. Many people are no taking an interest in the field and are fascinated by what it has to offer. This also means that more people now have some opinions regarding the field that they openly voice on platforms like Twitter etc.

This means that some coins can pay influential celebrities to encourage their audience to buy that coin and as a result manipulate the market momentum. This poses a problem. By doing this, the people are getting a biased view of what different coins have to offer as compared to what the reality is.

Luke Childs realized this problem and wanted to solve it. This is why he created Coinflict of Interest. He wanted to help people distinguish between paid promotions a genuine truth.

Luke Childs elaborated on the process of making this platform saying that it was time-consuming and often times inapplicable, He did a lot of research so as to figure out if certain opinions were true or not.

When a user visits a person’s Twitter profile they can hover of the avatar of the person and the information will appear. The information is also visible in the bio of the person’s twitter account.

As of now, Coinflict of Interest is supporting only four cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin Cash. Childs is working to incorporate more coins for a more reliable experience with the browser extension.