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• Strike promises better commissions than Coinbase for Bitcoin payments.
• Strike supports the El Salvador government for joining the cryptocurrencies.

The fight between cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges is increasing as merchants use the tokens as savings. While the Bitcoin price does not exceed its $40,000 mark, this does not discourage new crypto investors.

Bitcoin is experiencing a downtrend after climbing between $65,000 in April. However, Coinbase admits that it continues to earn millions of dollars from transaction fees.

Strike CEO Jack Mallers is trying to be the competition for the San Francisco-based crypto exchange. Strike, with Mallers, announces that it will allow trading Bitcoin with almost zero commissions. This would be the perfect strategy for thousands of Coinbase users to migrate to the new platform.

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Mallers’ warnings towards Coinbase. Strike’s CEO warns that he does not believe that the leading cryptocurrency platform can compete with its low fees. Strike also gained fame by announcing that it would work alongside the El Salvador government, seeking to admit Bitcoin in the country.

Mallers warned that BTC buyers pay high commissions at Coinbase. They are paying to subsidize the company and the life of the other cryptocurrencies.

Strike commissions vs. Coinbase

Mallers explained Strike and the fee for transfers between cryptocurrencies and buy/sell. Strike will charge 0.3 percent for Bitcoin transactions, while Coinbase earns 4 percent for the same transaction. The client will not only save money on payments but will also have a more secure exchange system.

Strike, according to Mallers, will not give money to companies, although it also undermines PayPal, Swan Bitcoin, and Square’s Cash. Strike may hit its low-commission cryptocurrency initiative and increase the number of customers. However, the company faces a cryptocurrency genius who’s been around for a long time.

Coinbase platform was founded in 2012. This crypto exchange practically started the crypto boom and has collected over 56 million users. The platform supports most cryptocurrencies, small or large, for safe trading.

In April, Strike listed its shares on the Nasdaq, making it famous. By May, the platform generated $1.8 billion in revenue, increasing its profits to almost 1,000 percent. Without a doubt, this crypto platform is a giant on crypto technology and has gained so much importance.

But the announcements by Strike sound promising for the new crypto investor to join the market. Strike can also gain priority among the thousands of El Salvadorans entering the cryptocurrency market in the coming months.

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