Coin Stats Mobile App review; Good things come in small packages

Coinstat app review

Coin Stats is cryptocurrency portfolio tracker application available on Android, IOS and Mac. Coinstat is really helpful for crypto enthusiasts and traders that spend most of their time travelling and on the go.

The application can keep you informed on the latest crypto news and trends within the community while you are on the roads.

Staying updated on the latest trends and news is the best way to thrive in the crypto space, which is moving and expanding at a fast pace.

To keep up with it, it is important to stay updated, and Coinstats is a great help in that aspect. This application is used by many and is reliable for investors and traders that do not have the time to sit behind a desk.

The app is very easy to use and has an impressive, easy on the eyes layout. The theme is black and has a little orange here and there. The little touch of colour coding certain things in orange really helps the user to have a great reading experience.

The app runs very smoothly and browsing for things is very easy and comfortable on it. The user interaction is regular and educational. This is why even new users can get used to it fairly quickly. The application runs with smoothness and does not lag whatsoever.

Elegant Layout and Navigation

The layout is not the only thing that is good about this app. The application has a lot of useful side features that add to its charm. Coinstats features are helpful and unique, the likes that no other such application offers to make it one of a kind.

The application showcases the trading prices of over one thousand and eight hundred (1800) cryptocurrencies that are supported on more than eight (80) cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coin Stats Mobile App review; Good things come in small packages 1

The application has a filtering and sorting function that helps the user make efficient searches on whatever coin they desire. Tracking the trading prices is also not a problem with Coinstats.

The application also has an alert features that the user can customize if they want alerts regarding prices, volumes, and market capitalization.

News Aggregation and Auto Portfolio Sync

Coin Stats has recently introduced a new feature that is a news aggregator solely for blockchain and cryptocurrency news. A person can make a rational decision on what to invest in through the app’s credible news outlet.

Coin Stats Mobile App review; Good things come in small packages 2

Something interesting about Coin Stats is its news section. The application gives its registered users a choice to vote on what they think about the news.

The options read bullish or bearish. This helps the users share their thoughts on the platform as well. This increases user engagement on the platform. The application is filled other such quirky options all over.

The automatic portfolio tracking exchange sync feature is by far the best one. This feature is available for only users that own a premium account.

The application does not lag even though thirty exchanges and wallets are active. The application offers Telegram Bot that sends prices and charts right from Telegram.

Final Word

Coin Stats is a very user-friendly app that has a lot of interesting and unique features. This features of this application can be used by users that will have to pay to unlock features.

However, the subscription fee is five dollars ($5) a month. It is definitely a tool worth investing in if you are serious about trading cryptocurrency.

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