Co-op Supermarkets Ramp Up Security Measures Amidst Soaring Crime Rates


  • Co-op supermarkets deploy advanced security measures to combat soaring crime rates.
  • Organized crime poses a significant challenge, with incidents of theft and violence on the rise.
  • Calls for legal reforms highlight the need for specific legislation to protect retail workers from assaults and deter criminal activities.

Amidst a concerning surge in retail crime, the Co-op supermarkets have announced the installation of over 200 secure till kiosks and locked cabinets for spirits across its UK supermarkets. Additionally, the grocery giant is leveraging AI technology to monitor self-checkouts, aiming to curb the increasing incidents of theft and violence within its stores.

Alarming rise in retail crime

Last year witnessed a staggering 44% increase in retail crime, with approximately 1,000 incidents occurring daily across Co-op stores. The company’s undercover security personnel apprehended 3,361 individuals for various offenses, including burglary and harassment. Notably, physical assaults on staff have seen a concerning uptick, prompting the urgent need for enhanced security measures.

Organized crime on the rise

Matt Hood, Managing Director of the Co-op’s food business, emphasized that the surge in crime isn’t merely opportunistic, but rather indicative of organized criminal activities. Incidents of shoplifting alone soared by 48%, reaching nearly 298,000 cases. Thieves targeting alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery cards have posed a significant challenge, rendering some stores unprofitable until reinforced security measures are implemented.

Call for legal reforms

Hood, along with other retail leaders, advocates for specific legislation targeting those who assault retail workers. Currently, two in five perpetrators apprehended by Co-op guards evade consequences due to police non-attendance. Hood stresses the importance of imposing custodial sentences to deter organized crime and protect frontline retail staff from harm.

A motivational concern

The lack of police response to reported incidents poses a demoralizing challenge for Co-op employees. Hood expressed concern over the impact on staff morale, highlighting the disheartening scenario where detained criminals are released due to police inaction. Such occurrences not only embolden criminals but also undermine the safety and motivation of retail workers.

As the Co-op takes proactive measures to safeguard its stores and employees, the deployment of advanced security technology underscores its commitment to combating organized crime. With reinforced till kiosks, locked cabinets, and AI-powered surveillance, the company aims to create a safer environment for both customers and staff, ensuring continued operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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