Chinese hackers are deep into blockchain supply chain hacking

chinese hacker on crypto

According to recent media reports, currently, a secret Sino hacking group-Barium is scoring blockchain attacks. Along with the familiarization of public with cyber attacks, link crypto-jacking and fingerprinting, software supply-chain assaults are also gaining impetus.

It is to be noted that supply chain attacks successfully disrupted the software supply channels of multiple reputed companies.

The Victims include CCleaner, computer maker, Asus, PC cleanup tool, etc. hacking groups suspected of such attacks are Barium, Shadowpad, Wicked Panda and Shadowhammer.

A value-chain/ third-party attack, also known as supply chain outbreak is a kind of cyber-attack that wreaks havoc on a firm by aiming less protected elements in the supply network.

Such attacks occur when a firm’s system is ruptured by a third-party having admittance to the company’s data and actions.

Apparently, all recent attacks have been following a like outline, i.e., infecting systems- going through systems to find prospective intelligence goals.

Vitaly Kamluk, the executive of the Asia research team, commented that Barium hackers are refined hackers, as they have the ability to infect even trusted mechanisms. He added that the hackers are champions of their game.

Out of all the attacks that Barium has made, the attack on CCleaner and Asus were the deadliest attacks since their recognition by Kaspersky.

During 2017, a Russian hacking group hijacked apprises of Ukraine based accounting software to plant a damaging worm costing firms more than ten billion dollars ($10 bn).

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