Is China suppressing Coronavirus information?


The latest turns of events reveal that there is a strong possibility of China suppressing Coronavirus information on purpose to underplay the effects of the virus for a face-saving.

A doctor in Wuhan who tried to raise the alarm related to the Coronavirus was forced to keep her silence in the matter. The said doctor expresses that she was made to feel that she had ruined the future of the city.

While at the time of writing, Coronavirus has already been predicted to be a booster for Bitcoin and other paperless money the death toll continues to rise across the globe. The China suppressing Coronavirus information allegations come at a crucial point in time with regards to global geopolitics.

China Suppressing Coronavirus information?

The director of the emergency department at the Wuhan Central Hospital shares her story about how she shared the diagnostic report, which concerned her in a WeChat, a messaging group.

Since the diagnostic report appeared to have some sort of similarities with the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) but a display of this concern lead her to meet with a dressing down for rumor spreading.

She reveals that her supervisor told her that the Health Commission of Wuhan city had issued a directive for the medical workers regarding none disclosure of anything related to the virus or the disease, which is caused by it in order to halt any panic creation. Following the issuance of the directives, the whole staff was made aware of the instructions.

The first case was diagnosed on 1st December 2019. Human to human transmission was obvious, and it happened weeks before officials confirmation. Whereas the family member of the infected people was catching the virus unaware and uninformed. The doctor stated that if human to human transmission was not possible, then why the number of infected people increasing even after the Huanan market was shut down.

This narrative indicates the prevailing authoritarianism in China suppressing Coronavirus information, would come with a price the whole world would be paying. Had the medical community made aware of the first case, it would have been in a better position to handle the whole situation.

Now, the number of infected people in China is declining, whereas the number of people infected with coronavirus outside of China is increasing. Most number of deaths due to Coronavirus outside of China is in Iran. The death toll in Italy is also increasing day by day.

This whole situation could have been avoided if the Chinese authorities would have allowed free speech instead of China suppressing Coronavirus information.

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