Changpeng Zhao applauds Schiff’s unexpected crypto conversion

Changpeng Zhao


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  • Peter Schiff surprised many by announcing his involvement in a project centered around NFT art on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • The project involves collaborating with Market Price, an artist, to create a collection of digital assets called Ordinals.
  • The Taproot upgrade allows users to inscribe various forms of content on individual satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

In a recent lighthearted tweet, CZ, the well-known figure in the cryptocurrency industry, expressed his delight at Peter Schiff’s unexpected conversion. Schiff, who has long been a vocal critic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, surprised many by announcing his involvement in a new project centered around NFT art on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The project involves collaborating with Market Price, one of Schiff’s favorite artists, to create a collection of digital assets called Ordinals, akin to NFTs. This collection will feature the highly anticipated original painting titled “Golden Triumph,” as well as a series of prints and Ordinals inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Although Schiff maintains that he has yet to embrace the crypto world fully, his venture into NFTs demonstrates a growing recognition of the industry’s value and potential. The rise of Ordinals, a recent phenomenon gaining momentum within the Bitcoin network, is made possible by the Taproot upgrade introduced in November 2021.

This upgrade empowered users to inscribe various forms of content, ranging from images to video games, on individual satoshis—the smallest unit of Bitcoin. The introduction of this feature has sparked significant interest from users, leading to the breaking of the daily record for Ordinal inscriptions four times in April alone.

CZ’s positive response to Schiff’s involvement in the crypto space highlights the evolving nature of the industry and the power of innovation to change perspectives. It is not uncommon for individuals to initially criticize and doubt the potential of emerging technologies, only to later realize their value and adapt their stance.

Schiff’s willingness to explore the world of NFTs and collaborate with an artist on the Bitcoin blockchain signifies a notable shift in his perspective.

The concept of Ordinals is gaining traction within the crypto community due to its unique ability to merge digital art with the security and transparency of the Bitcoin network. Each Ordinal is a testament to the originality and authenticity of the artwork it represents, immutably recorded on the blockchain.

This fusion of art and technology expands the possibilities for artists to monetize their work and introduces a new form of artistic expression and engagement for collectors and enthusiasts.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve and push boundaries, it is fascinating to witness individuals like Peter Schiff, once prominent skeptics, venture into uncharted territory. Their experiences serve as a reminder of the transformative power of innovation and the ever-expanding horizons of the crypto space.

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