Online RPG Chainmonsters: How to Enjoy, Play, and Earn in this New Multiplayer Game

Chainmonsters is a new multiplayer online RPG that allows gamers to catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine a variety of monsters and abilities – ensuring that there are countless new strategies and combinations to discover.

Not only can players choose from a range of elements to use in dynamic chain reactions against their opponents, but as there is no game subscription required, games can quickly jump right in – both alone or with friends! With Cross-Platform Play for PC/Mac, iOS, and Android devices, the possibilities for exploration within the vast lands of Ancora are practically endless!


Your adventure begins on one of the many beaches of Ancora. That’s where you will meet Yovi, who has discovered a replicator device.

As instructed by him, you head off to the farm to capture your first Chainmon – Beavo. Yovi will provide you with some coins so you can purchase replicator devices from a vending machine. With the Beavo in tow and a deeper understanding of your quest, it’s time to continue the investigation.

Head over to the menu page and see what progress you have made toward your objectives.

To make this journey easier, there’s a location indicator on your screen that shows the direction you need to take in order to complete your quest.

Game Play


The gameplay revolves around collecting different Chainmonsters called “Chainmons”.

Being a successful Chainmon trainer is difficult. It requires learning the distinct elements and understanding how they interact with each other in order to create helpful combinations that the opponent can’t counter. Manipulating the elements strategically gives players the edge they need to come out on top in battle.

Each individual Chainmon also has its own unique set of attributes, which you must consider when building a powerful team. While these rare traits are valuable, it takes an eye for strategy and foresight to select a winning combination of Chainmons that can stand up to any challenge. With practice and knowledge, mastery of the craft is obtainable, allowing even novice trainers to take down foes with ease.


With eight elements – Pyro, Hydro, Dendro (Nature), Electro, Anemo (Air), Cryo, Geo, and Crystal – Chainmons can have a variety of abilities that make each battle unique.

Knowing which element to use against opponents is an essential part of winning any battle, as certain elements are more effective in certain situations.

Players can create chain reactions by using appropriate elemental abilities to increase their chances of victory. Ultimately, understanding which Chainmon and element to use strategically will be the first step in conquering any challenge.


Stats are an important component of Chainmons in combat. HP, STA, ATK, and DEF are the primary stats that determine the strength of a Chainmon; you can find these stats on the detailed view screen. Level, base stats, IVS, and TVS all play a part in determining the total stat values.

You should not overlook secondary stats such as EM, CRIT RATE, CRIT DMG, and RESISTANCE; they can influence Elemet reactions and damage dealt or taken.

Knowing how to capitalize on these stats is key to both aspiring and experienced trainers looking to achieve victory.

Capturing Chainmons

To capture Chainmons in the open world and create your perfect squad, having a Replicator Device is essential.

There are multiple types of Replicators that offer varying levels of success.

  1. The Basic Replicator offers a moderate chance to catch a wild Chainmon and requires more attempts for a successful capture.
  2. The Advanced Replicator has an improved chance of catching one on the first try.
  3. The Master Charge will definitely catch a Chainmon.

All three options provide players with viable ways to builld their team of Chainmons in order to play and compete online!

Training Chainmons

Battling is an effective way of training your Chainmons as they gain experience and level up with each battle.

With intense competition, you can push the potential of your Chainmon further, with the highest currently achievable level being 30.

When your Chainmon reaches level 10, it would be wise to use special items to increase its strength beyond the normal capabilities; you need unique items for different Chainmons.

Subsequently, upon reaching levels 20, 30, and so on, using the ‘Increase Potential’ page in the detailed view page of your Chainmon enables you to larger bolster its power with a variety of materials necessary for the process.

Minting a Chainmon

For all Chainmon trainers looking to make their mark in the blockchain-based gaming world, minting tokens might just be the way to go!

Minting a token can metamorphose your favorite Chainmon into an NFT, preserving its unique identity and traits forever. However, you cannot tokenize the Chipleaf that begins your journey – so think carefully before you decide on which of your Chainmons you want to preserve as an NFT.

The minting process is irreversible.

Yet, that’s not all – minting your Chainmons doesn’t mean the end of its development in-game. You can still level it up and keep building upon it as the game updates stats and attributes on-chain in almost real-time – these changes will then show up in marketplaces like the Token Trove.


The crafting system is essential for players wanting to improve the performance of their Chainmons.

By using different materials sourced from around the game world, players can upgrade materials across multiple ranks and use them to increase the potential of their chosen battle buddy.

To access the crafting system, one must first speak with the in-game NPC Amber and select the option “Crafting”. Doing so will open a crafting page with many options available depending on what material is available at their current rank. Although this process is not required, it’s an incredibly useful tool that allows dedicated players to unlock even more potential from their beloved Chainmons.

Real Estate

For those looking to acquire a rare piece of virtual land, the game provides a total collection size of only 3000 NFTs.

Owning one of these pieces will make you stand out because of the exclusive attributes and traits included.

Players can share access to friends and family, personalize their land according to their needs, build houses on it, and even host friends for whatever their heart desires.

The land is an island that is divided into three distinct regions: Nordic, Lakeside, and Tropical; each having its own unique style.


If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your in-game experience, the new in-game gift shop should do the trick!

With a wealth of options, you can buy special skins and monthly Gemcutter Supplies to materials for crafting unique items and more. There’s something for everyone. Add that with the bonus free daily login reward and every day can quickly become a new adventure as you never know just what item might come your way the next time you log in. Get ready for excitement with the new in-game gift shop!

7 ways to earn on Chainmonsters

The Chainmonsters game has a variety of ways for players to earn rewards. These include:

1. The daily login bonus window–Each day you log in, you will get an extra reward!

2. Take part in tournaments–Take part in tournaments and battle your opponents to win special items and prizes!

3. Crafting–Use materials found throughout the game to craft powerful items and upgrade your Chainmons!

4. Collecting rare NFTs–Collect unique Non-Fungible Tokens from around the world and trade them with other players.

5. Minting a token–Turn any of your favorite Chainmons into an NFT that preserves its unique identity and traits forever.

6. Take part in special events–the game often holds special events that give you the chance to earn rewards by completing specific tasks.

7. Explore Ancora–Search for hidden treasures throughout the vast lands of Ancora–you never know what you’ll find!

These are just a few of the ways you can earn rewards in Chainsmokers. With so many options, it’s easy to find something that suits your playing style and allows you to maximize your earnings. Get out there and start earning!


Chainmonsters is a fascinating online RPG with many ways to earn rewards and plenty of chances for adventure. With its intuitive crafting system, real estate options, and special events that give you the opportunity to win prizes and rare NFTs, there’s something for everyone in Chainmonsters. Get ready to explore Ancora and start earning your rewards!

Happy gaming!


Can you make money playing Chainmonstors?

Yes, there are many ways to make money playing Chainmonstors.

Is Chainmonstors available on XBOX?

No. The Chainmonstors game is currently only available on PC/Mac, iOS, and Android.

What rewards can I get in the Chainmonstors game?

You can get rewards such as special skins, materials for crafting unique items, Gemcutter Supplies, and even rare Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

How do I get access to the real estate in Chainmonstors?

Real estate access comprises a total collection of 3000 NFTs. You can purchase these from other players or find them in the external marketplace.

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