Central Bank of Ireland Issues Caution Against Unbacked Cryptocurrencies


  • The Central Bank of Ireland has labeled unbacked cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as “Ponzi schemes” and urged caution among investors.
  • Ireland’s Central Bank warns consumers about the risks associated with unbacked cryptocurrencies and highlights the need for regulation.
  • Governor Makhlouf supports the EU’s Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations and suggests increased oversight of the crypto industry.

The Central Bank of Ireland has raised alarm bells over unbacked cryptocurrencies, cautioning investors and consumers to approach them with skepticism. In a blog post featured on the bank’s official website, Gabriel Makhlouf, the governor of Ireland’s Central Bank, drew parallels between buying cryptocurrencies and purchasing lottery tickets, noting that while a lucky few might succeed, the majority are likely to face disappointment.

Makhlouf underscored that cryptocurrencies should not be deemed investments, expressing the bank’s deep concerns regarding potential consumer harm. With the rapid growth of the crypto market, he highlighted the increasing risks faced by consumers and investors due to the absence of regulation.

The governor also criticized the aggressive promotion of cryptocurrencies and stressed the importance of transparency in advertising crypto products. He specifically called for crypto influencers to disclose any relevant financial interests they may have when endorsing such products.

Furthermore, recent developments in Ireland’s cryptocurrency landscape were mentioned. Payward Europe Solutions, an Irish affiliate of Kraken headquartered in Dublin, was granted Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) authorization by the Central Bank of Ireland on April 18, 2023. In addition, both Binance and Coinbase expanded their operations in Ireland in October and December of the previous year, respectively.

It was clarified that the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Ireland is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Notably, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether are not subject to existing regulations as they are not centrally issued and do not grant rights or entitlements to holders.

Recent Events Highlighted by Ireland’s Central Bank Governor

In light of recent collapses of crypto assets such as the TerraUSD stablecoin and the FTX crypto exchange, Makhlouf expressed support for the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations passed by the European Parliament. These regulations aim to establish common standards for supervising crypto firms across Europe. The governor welcomed the regulations and suggested that Irish and EU regulators would strengthen their oversight of the industry.

Makhlouf emphasized that the supervision of the crypto market would align with the approach taken in traditional financial markets, reflecting the risks involved. He added that crypto firms would ultimately be required to safeguard client funds, uphold high standards of governance, and disclose pertinent information, much like mainstream financial institutions.

The Central Bank of Ireland’s warning against unbacked cryptocurrencies comes amidst a global debate surrounding the legitimacy and regulation of digital currencies. While proponents of cryptocurrencies argue that they offer financial freedom, decentralization, and potential for high returns, critics and regulators have raised concerns about their inherent risks and potential for fraud.


Governments and central banks worldwide have grappled with developing appropriate regulatory frameworks to address the challenges posed by cryptocurrencies. The volatile nature of the market, coupled with the lack of oversight, has led to instances of fraud, market manipulation, and investor losses.

Ireland’s approach to crypto regulation reflects the broader international trend of tightening controls on digital assets. The Central Bank’s emphasis on transparency and the need for influencers to disclose their financial interests aims to protect consumers from misleading or biased information.

While acknowledging the disruptive potential of blockchain technology, the Central Bank of Ireland remains cautious about unbacked cryptocurrencies due to their speculative nature and the absence of tangible underlying assets. The bank’s warning serves as a reminder to individuals to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging in cryptocurrency investments.

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