Celsius Network Advances Bankruptcy Proceedings with Altcoin Conversion Approval

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  • Celsius Network, a bankrupt crypto lender, has been granted permission to liquidate altcoins and convert them into Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The approval aligns with regulatory compliance requirements and highlights the evolving nature of the crypto industry.

In a significant development for the crypto industry, Celsius Network, the bankrupt crypto lender, has been granted permission by US Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn to liquidate its altcoins and convert them into Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This decision comes as the platform seeks to expedite the distribution of funds to its creditors. Following discussions between Celsius Network handlers and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the proposal was ratified, allowing the embattled lender to “sell or convert any non-BTC and non-ETH cryptocurrency, crypto tokens, or other cryptocurrency assets” into BTC or ETH, starting July 1, 2023.

Consolidating Altcoins Amid Regulatory Crackdown

Celsius Network’s bankruptcy declaration last year made it one of the earliest casualties of the crypto market. Despite this, the proceedings have been protracted, leaving creditors without closure. However, the recent approval by Judge Martin Glenn brings renewed hope for a resolution. With the SEC tightening regulations and classifying several top altcoins as securities, the need to consolidate non-BTC and non-ETH altcoins into the dominant digital currencies has become imperative. Altcoins such as Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and Polygon (MATIC) have faced scrutiny from the regulator, prompting Celsius Network to streamline its assets.

Celsius Network’s Acquisition and the Path Ahead

Celsius Network, under new ownership by the crypto consortium Fahrenheit, has revealed plans to devise an updated bankruptcy plan. While specific details remain undisclosed, it has been confirmed that the assets will be distributed exclusively in Bitcoin and Ethereum, aligning with the ongoing liquidation process. This approach underscores the consortium’s commitment to meeting the demands of creditors while leveraging the stability and market presence of BTC and ETH.

The bankruptcy of Celsius Network was followed by similar events at other platforms, including Voyager Digital and FTX Derivatives Exchange. Each platform has sought custom approaches to address creditor refunds and restore operations. FTX, for instance, successfully recovered over $7 billion belonging to creditors and is currently exploring plans to reactivate the platform in the near future.

Evolving Nature of the Crypto Industry and Regulatory Compliance

This series of bankruptcies and subsequent resolutions within the crypto industry highlights the evolving nature of the market. The involvement of regulatory bodies such as the SEC underscores the need for platforms to adapt to changing compliance requirements. Celsius Network’s decision to convert altcoins to BTC and ETH showcases a proactive approach to resolving its financial predicament, while simultaneously aligning with regulatory guidelines.

As the bankruptcy proceedings move forward, Celsius Network, now under the ownership of Fahrenheit, continues to navigate the challenging landscape of the crypto industry. The successful liquidation and conversion of altcoins into Bitcoin and Ethereum signal progress toward meeting creditor obligations and bringing closure to a tumultuous chapter in the platform’s history. The outcomes of these proceedings will undoubtedly have implications for the wider crypto community, underscoring the importance of regulatory compliance and prudent asset management in a rapidly evolving ecosystem.


In the coming months, as Celsius Network unveils its updated bankruptcy plan and other platforms explore their own paths to recovery, the crypto industry will closely observe the unfolding events and their impact on the future of digital asset management and regulatory compliance.

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