Update: CD Projekt Announces Release Date for The Witcher 3 Modding Tools

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  • CD Projekt Announces Release Date for The Witcher 3 Modding Tools
  • The Witcher 3 REDkit modding tools bring full mod support to the game this month on PC.
  • REDkit tools will enable players to explore their creativity by designing new characters and animations within the game. 

The Witcher 3 is among the few games with a vibrant community. Since its release in 2015, the game has offered a quality gaming experience, and players await new projects from the developer. 

As players wait for CD Projekt’s announcement for the upcoming new trilogy, they are looking for ways to continue enjoying The Witcher 3, and luckily, there’s a new mod kit just released to spice up the 2015 classic, The Witcher 3. 

CD Projekt’s developers are busy working on The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, so the team has released The Witcher 3 REDkit to provide interesting avenues for players to enjoy the Witcher 3 as more await. 

What’s The Witcher 3 REDkit?

The REDkit is a new collection of modding tools for The Witcher 3. The modding kit provides a variety of customization to The Witcher players, allowing users to design their own stories within the game.  According to CD Projekt’s official communication, the REDkit will launch on May 21st for players who own The Witcher. 

With the REDkit, players can take advantage of powerful tools that use advanced features and flexibility to enable them to express their creativity by crafting new quests, characters, animations, and many other customizations. 

Considering how flexible The Witcher 3 is, REDkit claims that users can essentially modify nearly everything within the game. 

Looking back at the overwhelming success of The Witcher Netflix TV series, the game could expect an influx of modders, bringing in even more diversity to the game, all for the greater good of the players. 

Further information on The Witcher and its probable release date

The official release date of The Witcher 4 has not been released, although many suspect the game still has a long way to go, and we could only expect it almost four years from now. Bearing in mind that CD Projekt has several other games in development, it may be safe to expect the release date of The Witcher 4 to move even further to accommodate other games already in development.  

The REDkit’s launch on May 21st has left the entire The Witcher community in excitement, although the modding tool will only be accessible to PC players. Pliers using any of the two PlayStations(4 and 5), Xbox, and Nintendo Switch will all not be able to use the REDkit.

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