Carnaval: The first NFT platform in Latin America is ready for its first auction

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TL;DR Breakdown

• RIF and RSK joined forces to launch the Latin American NFT platform.
• Carnaval will host an artistic NFT auction to attract thousands of Latino fans.

The non-fungible trading reached the territory of South America after it gained popularity in the countries of Europe, Asia, and the United States. This is Carnaval, an NFT market developed by the RIF and RSK technology companies that offer smart agreements and Dapps based on Bitcoin.

Carnaval will be an innovative project that will take advantage of the NFT’s rise and the crypto market in general. The peculiar thing about the non-fungible plan is that it will be based on Bitcoin and not on Ethereum.

Latin NFT market will arrive based on Bitcoin


According to reports, the Latin NFT market has included RIF, which stands out as an SDK collection that works openly. RIF offer supervised trading that facilitates operations with Bitcoin.

The NFT project named Carnaval would be an enabler to change the business design so Latino fans understand the true sense of ownership attached to non-fungible tokens. But within the platform, it will be possible to trade virtual pieces with a physical state with the same value for which they have been paid online.

Carnaval will launch a virtual auction where over 200 NFTs correlated to simple illustrations will be hosted among some novelties. The web platform will also seek to associate with museums, galleries, and great artists on the continent to support their projects.

Carnaval promises to be a solid NFT market

Ever since the NFT trade came to the world, there has been a big difference in art auctions and artists’ popularity. However, just like any virtual project, it has had problems receiving new users, new auctions, or even the cryptocurrency that the market accepts.

Seeing these conflicts in virtual commerce, Carnaval promises to be a solid NFT platform that will work based on the RIF and RSK developments. According to the founder of the RSK company, Diego Zaldívar, the commercial platform will unite the NFT pieces, the artists, and the Bitcoin market growing every day on the continent.

Carnaval’s first NFT auction is scheduled for April and will feature around 200 digital works. The Ciraolo Fab masterpiece, self-named “Frida del Rey,” will be available during the auction. And  the work by Luciano Garbati called ” La Medusa con la cabeza de Perseo” will be provided.

The NFT platform registration in Latin America will start on the first of April and be limited by developers. However, people who can register before the official launch of the NFT auction may make personal invitations. The NFTs to be auctioned can be purchased with RBTC and Bitcoin.

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