Cardano’s Hydra Head Scaling Solution Receives Major Upgrade


  • Cardano’s Hydra Head scaling solution has been upgraded to version 0.11.0, becoming fully isomorphic to Layer-1 (L1) with the addition of timed transaction support.
  • The upgrade improves the protocol’s functionalities, including external wallet commits, and demonstrates Cardano’s commitment to achieving its scaling goals.

Cardano‘s groundbreaking scaling solution, Hydra Head, has recently undergone a significant upgrade, solidifying its position as a cutting-edge Layer-2 (L2) protocol. With the introduction of timed transaction support and other notable enhancements, the latest version, 0.11.0, promises to push the protocol closer to its performance expectations. This upgrade marks an important milestone for Cardano and sets the stage for further advancements in the platform’s scaling capabilities.

The Evolution of Hydra Head: Version 0.11.0 Unveiled

Cardano’s Hydra Head protocol is a flexible and adaptable software that continuously evolves to enhance its functionalities. In the latest upgrade, the L2 ledger has achieved full isomorphism with Layer-1 (L1) by incorporating timed transaction support. This addition strengthens the connection between the two layers, allowing for smoother interaction and improved transaction throughput.

Moreover, version 0.11.0 brings a long-awaited feature—commit from external wallets. While this technical aspect may seem complex to the average user, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the protocol’s seamless operation. By addressing these key elements, the Hydra Head upgrade aims to align the protocol with its original design and surpass performance expectations.

Steady Progress Towards Scalability: Hydra’s Compatibility Milestone

After months of rigorous development work, Hydra achieved compatibility with Cardano’s mainnet in May of this year. This achievement highlighted the dedication and effort invested in creating a robust scaling solution. As part of Input Output Global, the parent company behind Hydra Head, the team remains cautious about setting unrealistic expectations for the protocol’s capabilities.

Contrary to some optimistic projections suggesting Hydra Head could handle up to 1 million Transactions Per Second (TPS), the actual capacity remains undisclosed. However, each Hydra head is limited to handling a transaction load of no more than 16 KB. The recently released version 0.11.0 GitHub page reveals that the heads can handle approximately 60 transactions, shedding light on the current capacity of the protocol.

Advancing Cardano’s Scaling Goals: A Catalyst for Future Innovations

As the pioneer scaling solution on the Cardano blockchain, Hydra Head serves as a benchmark for future developers seeking to build similar solutions on the platform. The ability to upgrade and refine Hydra Head demonstrates the commitment to achieving Cardano’s scaling ambitions.

Although Cardano still trails behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, both of which have functional and widely accepted Layer-2 protocols, the progress made by Hydra Head showcases the platform’s determination to bridge this gap. By consistently improving and expanding the protocol’s capabilities, Cardano aims to provide a robust and scalable infrastructure that can rival existing industry leaders.


The recent upgrade of Cardano’s Hydra Head scaling solution to version 0.11.0 marks a significant step forward in enhancing its functionalities and performance. With full isomorphism to Layer-1 achieved through timed transaction support and the introduction of external wallet commit, Hydra Head is better equipped to fulfill its role in accelerating Cardano’s scaling capabilities. 

As the first scaling solution on the platform, Hydra Headsets is a precedent for future developers and serves as a catalyst for innovation in the Cardano ecosystem. While Cardano still has ground to cover to match the Layer-2 capabilities of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the consistent upgrades to Hydra Head demonstrate the platform’s dedication to achieving its ultimate scaling goals.

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