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  • Call of Duty: MW3’s Supe Siege Event, featuring “The Boys” characters, arrives on Jan 17 with exciting rewards and a special limited-time game mode.
  • Players can collect six rewards, like unique weapon blueprints and charms, by completing specific in-game challenges during the event.
  • The event runs until Feb 7, offering a brief but action-packed opportunity for players to dive into the world of “The Boys” within MW3.

As Season 1 Reloaded approaches, Activision is preparing to launch the Supe Siege Event in Call of Duty: MW3. This event will mark an exciting crossover with characters from the popular TV show “The Boys.” With the community’s enthusiasm for previous character additions like Homelander and Starlight, anticipation is high for what the Supe Siege Event will bring.

The Supe Siege Event is set to kick off on January 17, 2024, and will run until February 7. During this limited time frame, players will have the opportunity to participate in a unique game mode and earn enticing rewards.

Supe siege limited-time mode

The centerpiece of the Supe Siege Event is a limited-time game mode that takes a spin on the traditional Kill Confirmed match. In this mode, players will encounter a new gameplay element in the form of Temp V, a reference that fans of “The Boys” TV show will appreciate. 

The objective is simple: with each kill, fallen operators will drop a Temp V dose that players can pick up. These doses provide temporary power boosts akin to Heat Vision, adding an exciting twist to the action.

Moreover, players can expect new operator skins inspired by characters from “The Boys,” including A-Train and Firecracker, to further immerse themselves in the crossover experience.

Exciting rewards

The Supe Siege Event promises six enticing rewards, with an additional special prize for those who manage to collect all six during the event. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards and how to obtain them:

1. Calling Card: Achieve one Operator Heat Vision elimination in The Boys mode.

2. Emblem: Deactivate 20 pieces of Equipment using DDoS.

3. Battle Pass Tier Skip: Secure four Operator eliminations using the MTZ-762.

4. Large Decal: Accomplish two Operator eliminations in a single life with the Overkill Vest equipped, five times.

5. Weapon Charm: Attain 15 Operator Akimbo eliminations.

6. Double XP Token: Achieve seven Operator eliminations using Lethal Equipment.

Mastery reward

For those who rise to the challenge and complete all six of the aforementioned tasks, a special “The Boys Special” LMG Weapon Blueprint awaits as the mastery reward. This blueprint boasts four attachments, a 150-round drum, and incendiary ammunition, promising aggressive suppressive fire.

The Supe Siege Event in Call of Duty: MW3 is poised to captivate players with its limited-time game mode, exciting rewards, and crossover with “The Boys” TV show. Scheduled to begin on January 17, 2024, and ending on February 7, this event promises a fresh and exhilarating experience for fans of the game and the popular television series alike.

Prepare for action, power-ups, and exclusive rewards as you step into the world of “The Boys” within the realm of Call of Duty: MW3’s Supe Siege Event. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to test your skills and emerge as a true operator in the world of modern warfare.

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