Simplex simplifies buying Bitcoin on Telegram

Simplex simplifies buying Bitcoin through Telegram

Payment enabler Simplex is now facilitating buying Bitcoin using Telegram, according to its latest Twitter announcement dated 18th December 2019.

For cryptocurrency to become a viable currency, it needs to overcome a few obstacles. Among them, is making it easily accessible and finding some real-world use cases. The EU-registered fintech company that specializes in facilitating fraud-free and transparent payment processing is now taking a step further in propelling cryptocurrency adoption by making it more accessible.

Simplex-Broxus make buying Bitcoin easier

Simplex has come up with an innovative way to integrate Bitcoin into Telegram’s bot feature and to enable its users to buy and sell Bitcoin quickly and securely. The exciting collaboration between Simplex and Telegram’s official mobile crypto wallet Broxus will allow users to interact with Broxusbot and get access to Bitcoin price and buying and selling options.

The Simplex-Broxus partnership will make the process of buying Bitcoin using bank cards more straightforward, and at the same time, Simplex’s core expertise in verifying and securing every transaction will take it a notch further is ensuring that users keep their security concerns at bay while transacting in cryptocurrencies.

The massive popularity of the Telegram platform with millions of users across the globe makes this partnership a win-win situation for all and only makes it natural for a company like Simplex to push the envelope a bit. Although this new feature offered by Simplex comes with a monthly fee, it is likely to strike the right chords, considering the immense demand for secure and accessible money.

Meanwhile, Broxus, besides being a popular choice of cryptocurrency custody provider, offers excellent exposure to cryptocurrencies at more affordable prices. Today, the company boasts of over one hundred and forty cryptocurrencies with access to over ten cryptocurrency exchanges.

No doubt, the cryptocurrency industry is in urgent need for some innovative solutions to promote its offerings and get new users on board as soon as possible and this partnership is indeed a way of ensuring that more people get the taste of buying and selling Bitcoin is or keep it as an investment.

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