Business Leaders Love AI But They Don’t Use It Effectively

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  • Business leaders love AI, but they have concerns about it. Others think AI will increase job opportunities and benefit employees.
  • Business leaders use AI in customer service, marketing, communications, and product development.
  • Startups rely heavily on generative AI and leverage it the most among other enterprises.

According to a recent survey, business leaders worldwide are optimistic about artificial intelligence. However, most still need solid plans for integrating AI into daily operations. Other surveys showed different results, and startups rely heavily on artificial intelligence and automation.  

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Business leaders are optimistic about integrating artificial intelligence into their operations. However, there’s a gap between their vision and implementation. According to a technology report from WE’s 2024 Brands in Motion, 83% of business leaders are optimistic about artificial intelligence, but most of them are not taking full advantage of it. The survey covered 2,900 executives and technology business decision-makers. 

Business Leaders Have Concerns About AI

Around 92% of correspondents expressed concerns about AI adoption and cybersecurity risks. Additionally, many business leaders are worried about over-dependence on AI and eliminating job opportunities. On the contrary, a survey conducted by PwC showed that 82% of Irish business leaders believe that AI will increase jobs or have zero impact. Additionally, 6% of PwC surveyors have an AI governance structure in their organization. 

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Business Leaders Love AI But They Don’t Use It Effectively
Planned use of generative AI chart. Source: PwC

In another survey from INSEAD alumni, 1,200 participants from Europe, America, and Asia voiced their opinions about generative AI. Most participants are worried about AI taking jobs and about the potential misuse of such powerful technology. Surprisingly, most survey participants think AI benefits employees more than top leaders. 

Most Business Leaders Are Optimistic About AI

Almost 50% of business leaders who participated in WE Communication’s survey see opportunities in AI. They believe generative AI is beneficial for their customer service department. Another 46% think that AI will help with marketing and communication. 45% of survey participants believe that AI will positively impact product development. 

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The INSEAD alumni survey states that 90% of participants are optimistic about generative AI. They believe it will save time, increase efficiency, and relieve people from mundane tasks. The INSEAM participants are using AI actively in their professional and personal lives. A high percentage, 68%, use AI at work, while 64% said they use it for personal work. 

Startups Capitalize on Generative AI 

Startups rely heavily on generative AI and automation for various tasks. According to a survey from Startup Verband, 76% of startups in Germany use generative AI routinely. They use it in marketing, product, and IT work. Other startups use generative AI in sales, building processes, coding, and automation. 

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Jesse Oullette, the founder of LeadMagic, thinks that most growth-to-market (GTM) organizations are not leveraging AI effectively. He stated that some GTM organizations are getting 10x value from AI. He wrote on a LinkedIn post

“If your only lens is trading prompts on ChatGPT, you’re really missing out. Best place to start? Start with the Assistant or the GPT Builder.”

Jesse refers to the combination of LLM, memory, knowledge, and tools as an assistant. GPT Builder is a tool that is available to OpenAI Plus users. It enables business leaders to create custom GPTs for internal operations. While Jesse’s approach to leveraging AI may look complex, it stands out from standard GPT prompting and pushes the limits.

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