BSC reveals Bruno upgrade will go live on November 30th


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has set a November 30th, 2021 date for its Bruno upgrade.
  • The new update will introduce a Real-Time Burning Mechanism to the network (RBM).

Users of leading blockchain (BC) network BSC are in for exciting times. The firm has announced a 30th November hardfork to its network. 

The update christened Bruno v1.1.5 brings RBM BEP95 to the BC. It’ll also occur on the 13,082,000 block height. Its activation will enhance the BC’s functions, add new features and debug it.

Again BSC expects the upgrade to go live at 8.00 am UTC. Further, it’ll affect the network’s validators and full node operators. The update won’t affect other regular users of the BC bar for its RBM feature.

The network has thus advised its validators and full nodes to update their software versions. Failing to do so will prevent them from syncing with BSC’s new validator nodes. That, in turn, will stop them from connecting or sending transactions.

BSC says that increasing decentralization on its network had necessitated the update. The BC’s active addresses surpass the two million mark. Additionally, it can handle a maximum of 14 million trades per day.

These figures strain the network’s ability to synchronize its nodes fully. Bruno seeks to, among others, address this challenge. The update will accelerate full node synchronization by over 60 percent.

BEP-95’s value to BSC

Central to Bruno’s functioning is the RBM mechanism. Besides quickening BNB burning, it’ll further decentralize the network. The tool enhances decentralization as it burns part of the gas fees.

Moreover, RBM will boost BNB’s value. The network will burn a set figure of the gas fees due to the validators. This burning will go on long after Binance attains the 100 million BNB it’s targeting.

This burning will cut the volume of BNB circulating. A declining supply of BNB will then increase its demand. Consequently, it’ll grow the digital asset’s value in fiat terms.

For starters, Binance has suggested a burnRatio of 10 percent per block. However, the governance community will have the final say on the figures to adapt.

Full nodes can decide to alter the burnRatio, but that has to go through a voting process. The nodes can either adopt or reject change proposals depending on their BNB stakes.

Binance adds that the activity will occur on its Binance Chain. Also, anyone within its community can suggest amendments to this spread. But they must stake two thousand BNB for their suggestion to qualify for a validator’s review and voting.

A vote carries the day once the full nodes attain the quorum. That is, they raise half the votes of bounded validators on the mainnet. The vote won’t, therefore, consider that of unbounded validators. 

The validators will then communicate the changes through cross-chain means. Again, the adjustments start applying immediately.

BEP-95’s working

BNB is BSC’s multi-usage utility token. It’s deflationary as it lacks a mining algorithm. Moreover, its regular token burns contribute to its scarce nature.

Through the BEP-95 tool, BSC shares the gas fees it collects with two smart contracts. These are the System Reward Contract (SRC) and the ValidatorSet Contract (VC).

The SRC holds a maximum of 100 BNB. The network will fill it with one-sixteenth of the gas fees if it holds less than that amount. Further, Binance uses these funds to provide cross-chain subsidies.

The VC, on the other hand, holds the rest of the gas fees. It’s the vault that secures both the validators’ and delegators’ fees. BSC will move these funds to the Binance Chain for distribution in proportion to their daily BNB holding.

BEP activates by setting the burnRatio on to the VC. The validator authorizes the VC to move the fees to the mainnet for distribution on a block’s completion.

Edith Muthoni

Edith Muthoni

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