BREAKING NEWS: Polkadot scam currently underway – beware

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  • Polkadot scam giveaway event presented to members of the Official Polkadot Telegram group
  • Polkadot scam victims added to fake Polkadot Event Telegram group
  • Scam giveaway informs victims they will receive three times the amount of DOT they send.
  • DOT is currently priced at $4.12 per unit

Polkadot scam currently underway – beware

Currently underway, members of the official Polkadot Telegram group are being added to a scam ‘Polkadot (DOT) Event’ Telegram group shown below in the pictures below.

Upon discovery, the scam’s first falsehood is the Medium header, despite the URL being completely unrelated to Medium. Secondly, all buttons and normal functions of this page do not work or link to any external webpage. The one exception to this is the ‘click here to participate in the Polkadot (DOT) event’ link to the scam page.

Polkadot scam link landing page

Upon scrolling down the page and clicking on this link, unsuspecting DOT owners are led to a page with a scam giveaway event (shown below). The event supposedly provides users with three times the amount of DOT they send to the featured address.

To try to evidence this, the webpage features false ‘real-time transactions’ and ‘values’ lower down the page beneath a countdown of the DOT left to giveaway.

This giveaway has now been reported to Scam Alert.

The scam event began Polkadot (Official) members were added to another Telegram group named Polkadot (DOT) Event – shown below.

In this group, fake comments filled the chat to convince members of it’s authenticity. At this time, it is not yet confirmed how much DOT was sent to this address during the scam giveaway event.

The scam giveaway Polkadot (DOT) Event group
The Polkadot (Official) Telegram group

When scam events like this happen, it is vital to do the following:

  • Report it to Scam Alert
  • Report it to Cryptopolitan to broadcast it
  • Ensure any funds lost are reported as soon as possible to relevant body/company

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