Brad Garlinghouse challenges ex-SEC chief’s crypto views


  • Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse disbelieves former SEC Chair Jay Clayton’s recent pro-cryptocurrency remarks.
  • Garlinghouse highlights the irony in Clayton’s change of stance, given his role in the lawsuit against Ripple in 2020.
  • At a recent event, Clayton supported cryptocurrency, focusing on technology rather than regulation.

In recent events, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse expressed his disbelief on a social media post regarding former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Jay Clayton’s comments about cryptocurrency regulation. This reaction stems from Clayton’s latest statements at a Council on Foreign Relations event, where he displayed a supportive stance towards cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

 Brad Garlinghouse’s skepticism over Clayton’s remarks

Brad Garlinghouse’s response comes in light of Clayton’s role in the lawsuit against Ripple, which accused the company of illegal XRP sales. The irony of Clayton’s current open-mindedness towards cryptocurrency, as noted by Garlinghouse, is palpable considering the lawsuit initiated during Clayton’s tenure at the SEC. This lawsuit, filed in late 2020, had significant implications for Ripple, thrusting the company into a lengthy legal battle.

In his social media post, Brad Garlinghouse highlighted the perceived hypocrisy in Clayton’s recent remarks. He pointed out the stark contrast between Clayton’s current advocacy for a more lenient approach to cryptocurrency regulation and his actions while in office. This change of tone, according to Garlinghouse, seems incongruous given Clayton’s earlier stringent stance on Ripple and XRP.

During his conversation at the CFR event, Jay Clayton expressed sympathy towards cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, emphasizing the need for a regulatory environment that facilitates capital raising for smaller and medium-sized companies. Clayton suggested that the focus should be on recognizing cryptocurrency as a technology offering more efficient solutions rather than a distinct product. He downplayed the complexity of classifying products as securities or commodities, suggesting that these decisions are usually straightforward.

Clayton’s comments reflect a growing sentiment within the financial community that recognizes the potential of cryptocurrencies to revolutionize traditional finance. His emphasis on viewing cryptocurrencies through a technological lens rather than as financial products suggests a shift towards a more nuanced understanding of digital assets.

Ripple’s legal victory and future outlook

Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC, which accused the company and its executives of unregistered securities sales, concluded with a significant victory for the company. In July, U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres ruled that secondary sales of XRP did not constitute a sale of investment contracts. Following this, the SEC dropped its charges against Garlinghouse and Ripple founder Chris Larsen.

This legal victory was a watershed moment for Ripple and the cryptocurrency industry at large. It set a precedent for how digital assets might be treated under U.S. securities law and provided a degree of legal clarity for other companies operating in the space. Brad Garlinghouse, confident in Ripple’s legal standing, has even stated his readiness to escalate the fight to the Supreme Court if necessary.

The conclusion of the Ripple case significantly underscores the changing legal environment surrounding cryptocurrencies in the United States. This development not only illuminates the continuous, complex debate on how to regulate this rapidly growing sector effectively and equitably, but also emphasizes the importance of adapting regulatory frameworks. The perspectives and responses from influential industry figures, such as Brad Garlinghouse, are becoming increasingly vital. Their insights and experiences will play a crucial role in guiding the evolution and refinement of cryptocurrency regulation, ensuring that it supports innovation while maintaining necessary oversight.

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