Bonk DAO Allocates $500,000 for Solana-Based Startups in Landmark Investment


  • Bonk DAO, overseeing $124 million in BONK tokens, allocates $500,000 to a startup fund for Solana projects led by Colosseum.
  • The move represents Bonk DAO’s inaugural venture check, emphasizing its commitment to driving innovation within the Solana ecosystem and advancing decentralized finance initiatives.


Bonk DAO, a council overseeing a significant portfolio of $124 million in BONK tokens, has announced its intention to invest $500,000 from its treasury into an early-stage startup fund. 

The fund is dedicated to supporting projects developed on the Solana blockchain. The decision, which follows a recent governance vote, signifies Bonk DAO’s strategic foray into fostering innovation within the burgeoning Solana ecosystem.

Colosseum spearheads Solana startup fund with Bonk DAO backing

The chosen recipient of Bonk DAO’s substantial investment is Colosseum, a newly launched startup accelerator. Colosseum’s unique approach involves hosting hackathons to catalyze the creation of innovative projects specifically tailored for the Solana blockchain. The initiative comes on the heels of the Solana Foundation’s recent decision to entrust Colosseum with the responsibility of managing and fostering growth in the Solana project landscape. Notably, Colosseum is helmed by Matty Taylor, former head of growth at the Solana Foundation.

The collaboration is poised to inject vitality into the Solana ecosystem by providing critical funding and support for early-stage startups. The move underscores the evolving dynamics of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the growing role of meme-based cryptocurrencies in shaping the future of blockchain innovation.

BONK DAO: A pillar of support for Solana projects since 2022

Established in 2022 as an offshoot of the creators behind the BONK meme coin, BONK DAO has emerged as a pivotal player in the Solana ecosystem. Initially allocated over 15% of all BONK tokens for management and community project funding, the Cayman-based entity has become the largest holder of BONK tokens, boasting over 12% of the meme coin’s total supply. Over its relatively short existence, BONK DAO has consistently demonstrated its commitment to advancing the Solana blockchain.

The council’s past decisions have seen it channel BONK tokens towards hackathon sponsorships, liquidity pools, and partnerships with key players in the decentralized finance sector within the Solana network. The investment in Colosseum’s startup fund marks a significant milestone for BONK DAO, as it represents the council’s inaugural venture check, according to information available on its governance page.

Governance vote and prospects for BONK DAO

The pivotal decision to invest in Colosseum’s Solana-based startup fund materialized through a governance vote within Bonk DAO’s 12-person council. Notably, the vote garnered overwhelming support, with eight members voting in favor of the proposal and none opposing the move. The resounding endorsement positions Colosseum as the ‘Ycombinator for SOL,’ reflecting its potential to become a cornerstone in nurturing groundbreaking projects within the Solana ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Bonk DAO is not resting on its laurels. An ongoing vote within the council proposes the conversion of BONK tokens into USDC through a month-long trading partnership with market-maker STS Digital. The strategic move hints at BONK DAO’s proactive approach in exploring diverse avenues to enhance liquidity and further solidify its position as a key contributor to the Solana blockchain.


Bonk DAO’s $500,000 investment in Colosseum’s startup fund marks a significant chapter in the evolving narrative of meme-based cryptocurrencies actively contributing to the growth and development of blockchain ecosystems. As the Solana network continues to gain prominence, collaborations like these between established entities and emerging accelerators are poised to shape the future landscape of decentralized innovation.

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