Bolivia’s failed coup tied to the nation’s intent to join BRICS

BoliviaBolivia's apparent Coup leaders army chief Gen. Juan José Zúñiga - AP News

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  • President Luis Arce thwarts a coup led by Bolivia’s former army chief, Gen. Juan José Zuniga.
  • Global citizens point fingers at the US, claiming the CIA sanctioned the coup two months after Bolivia showed interest in joining BRICS.
  • The coup attempt followed months of political conflict between Arce and his former ally, former leftist president Evo Morales, over control of the ruling party. 

Bolivian police have captured the apparent coup leader hours after soldiers stormed La Paz’s presidential palace. Several people have remarked that the coup came two months after Bolivia expressed interest in joining BRICS. At the end of April, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow supported Bolivia’s bid to join the BRICS group.

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Bolivian President Luis Arce faced a brief attempted coup on Wednesday but swiftly responded by urging the public to stand up for democracy. As a result, soldiers and armored military vehicles withdrew from the government buildings in La Paz.

Bolivia’s failed coup

On Wednesday afternoon, troops under the command of Army General commander Juan Jose Zuniga forcefully entered the presidential palace and set up in the square outside. Reports in the news suggested that a tank forcefully closed the palace’s doors.

However, shortly after, Zuniga advised the soldiers to retreat, following international leaders’ condemnation of the army’s actions as unlawful.

President Arce celebrated the withdrawal as a triumph for Bolivia’s democracy and spoke to the nation’s citizens following the incident, with people expressing their discontent through street demonstrations against the alleged coup.

“Many thanks to the Bolivian people,” said Arce. “Long live democracy.”


In a palace hallway, footage on Bolivian television captured the intense confrontation between Arce, Zuniga, and a group of soldiers. “I am your captain, and I order you to withdraw your soldiers, and I will not allow this insubordination,” Arce said.

President Arce appointed new military commanders, confirming Gen. Zúñiga’s dismissal for openly criticizing Mr. Morales.

Mr. Morales criticized the coup attempt and urged criminal prosecution against Gen. Zúñiga and his “accomplices.”

Source: X

The public prosecutor’s office has launched a criminal inquiry. Vice Admiral Juan Arnez Salvador, the head of the Bolivian Navy, has also been arrested.

What led to the attempted coup?

Gen Zúñiga’s motives for starting the coup remain unclear. However, since entering office in 2020, President Arce has overseen a troubled government, facing criticism from both the left and the right.

Under his guidance, right-wing forces in provinces such as Santa Cruz have launched deadly attacks against policies they believe are intended to keep them out of power. Luis Fernando Camacho, a prominent opposition leader, was detained last year for his alleged involvement in the 2019 political arrests.

Many have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to voice what a failed coup that was!! One user by the handle @Megatron_ron said, “A failed coup attempt in Bolivia by US-backed General Juan José Zúñiga.”

Source: X

Another user, S.L. Kanthan @Kanthan2030, pointed fingers at the US, adding, “Incredible! Another coup attempt in Bolivia. The US empire is at it again? Their Lithium is not yours.”

Bolivia plans to join BRICS

According to reports from May 28th, Bolivia regards BRICS as an organization that offers its member states avenues to grow economically, according to President Luis Arce of the South American Republic.

BRICS is a space where huge opportunities are opening up, in trade, access to financial resources and speeding up our economic and social development, taking us to new frontiers […] It is extremely important to continue on the path toward a sovereign, anti-hegemonic, and multipolar world.

President Luis Arce 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey said that Russia supports Bolivia’s efforts to “protect its national sovereignty” and “defend the principles of international relations,” according to the Russian state agency TASS.

The Russian Foreign Minister further stated that Moscow hopes to strengthen bilateral relations between the governments of Presidents Luis Arce and Vladimir Putin. “These include trade, economic and investment projects, as well as humanitarian, cultural and educational cooperation.” 

Source: X

One X user, Sulaiman Ahmed @ShaykhSulaiman, points the coup to Bolivia’s intention to join BRICS. He said, “A military coup is going on in Bolivia. Bolivia recently said it was interested in joining BRICS. It was also among the first countries to announce the end of diplomatic relations with Israel over the Gaza Genocide.”

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