BNB Greenfield Network Braces for Hulunbeier Hard Fork: A Leap Forward


  • The BNB Greenfield Network is gearing up for the Hulunbeier hard fork, with a testnet phase on February 1 and a mainnet launch on February 22, aiming to significantly enhance network performance and infrastructure.
  • Validators and service providers play a crucial role in this transition, being mandated to upgrade to specific versions (greenfield v1.3.0 for validators and greenfield-storage-provider v1.3.0 for service providers) to ensure a smooth and effective upgrade, marking a pivotal evolution in the network’s capabilities.


The BNB Greenfield Network, a cornerstone in the blockchain arena, is on the verge of a significant evolution with the impending Hulunbeier hard fork. This upgrade is set to roll out in two critical phases: the initial testnet hard fork scheduled for February 1 corresponding to block height 4,849,568, followed by the mainnet hard fork earmarked for February 22 at the same time, at block height 4,653,883. 

This hard fork represents an important moment for the network, promising enhanced performance and a fortified infrastructure.

Testnet hard fork: The prelude to progress

The testnet phase, a critical precursor to the mainnet launch, is a sandbox where the robustness and efficiency of the Hulunbeier hard fork will be meticulously scrutinized. Scheduled for February 1, this phase is not just a routine update; it’s a rehearsal for the monumental changes that the mainnet will embrace. Validators and service providers are on high alert, ensuring that their systems are aligned with the latest version of the network. Validators are specifically advised to upgrade to greenfield v1.3.0, while service providers are expected to transition to greenfield-storage-provider v1.3.0.

This phase is crucial for ironing out any potential discrepancies and ensuring that the network’s integrity remains uncompromised. It’s a testament to the network’s commitment to perfection and a reflection of the meticulous planning that defines the BNB Greenfield Network.

Mainnet Hard Fork: The dawn of a new era

The mainnet hard fork, slated for February 22, is not just an update; it’s a transformative leap. The hard fork is anticipated to set a new benchmark in the network’s performance and security. The meticulous planning of the testnet phase culminates in this moment, where the network is not just updated but reborn, with enhanced capabilities and a fortified infrastructure.

Validators and service providers are the linchpins in this transition, holding the responsibility of ensuring a seamless upgrade. The directive is clear: upgrade to the latest version before the hard fork to ensure continuity and stability in the network’s operations. This is not just a technical upgrade; it’s a move to bolster the network’s foundation and prepare it for the future’s demands.

The role of validators and service providers on the BNB Greenfield Network

Validators and service providers are the sentinels of the BNB Greenfield Network, entrusted with the critical task of ensuring the network’s seamless operation. As the hard fork approaches, their role becomes even more pivotal. Upgrading to greenfield v1.3.0 for validators and greenfield-storage-provider v1.3.0 for service providers is not just a recommendation; it’s a mandate to ensure that the network’s integrity and performance are not just maintained but enhanced.

This collective effort is a testament to the network’s collaborative spirit and its commitment to excellence. Every participant, from validators to service providers, plays a crucial role in this evolutionary leap, ensuring that the BNB Greenfield Network not only meets but exceeds the community’s expectations.


As the BNB Greenfield Network stands on the brink of the Hulunbeier hard fork, the sense of anticipation is palpable. This isn’t just an update; it’s a strategic evolution, a step towards a future where the network’s resilience, performance, and efficiency set new industry standards. The meticulous planning, the collaborative spirit of the validators and service providers, and the community’s unwavering support all converge to make this hard fork a milestone in the network’s journey.

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