Blockchain Voting: 2 Oregon counties offer voting to military overseas

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Blockchain voting in elections is reshaping the elections across the globe and in the latest, two Oregon counties are enabling overseas United States military employees to vote through a blockchain-based voting system.

Reportedly, two counties of Oregon are offering the members of the U.S military, their family members and people who are living overseas; an opportunity to cast their votes in upcoming elections via blockchain-powered voting. The residents of Oregon vote via mail normally.

Blockchain voting receives a welcoming response

Christine Walker, Jackson County Clerk revealed that this system will be ensuring that the votes of all those people who are overseas are counted and accounted for.

She further explained the concerns about the overseas mail system and how unreliable it can be, along with the threat of Washington of pulling the U.S from UN’s postal agency is likely to prevent the voters from casting their votes.


While some tech experts think otherwise; according to them, there is a huge possibility that of the system being insecure. However, the two counties advised hundreds of registered voters who are living abroad to utilize this option of casting votes via blockchain-powered mobile voting.

Back in September, the United States (US) reached a comprise and the interruption to the international mail was prevented. This allowed the U.S to remain a member of the Postal Union which is the U.N agency responsible for coordinating postal policies among its one hundred and ninety-two (130) member countries.

Walker predicted the blockchain voting mobile plot project which her county would be trying out on 5th November in the special elections, in order to offer a glimpse of what the future holds. The office of the Oregon Secretary of State endorsed this pilot program.

Aroosa Nadeem

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