Blockchain tracking will be used on minors coming to the United States

As Blockchain technology proves its applications in many fields beyond cryptocurrencies more and more use cases present themselves. The technology has shown its flexibility and has found applications in many sectors including hospitals, supply chains, administration, and data management.

Now the United States (U.S) government plans on using the technology to track minors that come across the U.S-Mexico border without adult supervision.

An expert working on the BUYSMARTER initiative said that permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT) can be used for tracking such children through different government facilities.

Initially, these children are handed to the Department of health and human services (HHS) and the department keeps track of each and everything they do as well as what happens to them. This information is then transferred over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

He, Kenneth Thomson stated that since many different departments are involved in the data storage including health, education, transport etc. a decentralized network can be used to accumulate all that data.

He did not state the finishing date for the project as the process will take some time to complete. The project is still in its pilot stage and the infrastructure has some factors that need to be sorted out before the project can be concluded.

Meanwhile, crypto enthusiasts believe that permission blockchain is against Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision as he believed blockchain should be accessible to everyone which the permission versions don’t allow.

However, Thomson disagreed by saying that this way a blockchain becomes much more secure like a private room I which data can be accessed by the trusted individual. He added that since it is not a cryptocurrency there is no need for it to be public.