Blockchain solution for traffic could be the answer

Blockchain solution for traffic could be the answer

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In the post-COVID-19 world, people have had the time to ponder over the traffic issues. A blockchain solution for traffic is one of the many ways to start in the post-pandemic world.

The long congestions, rush hours, and overcrowded highways have been mandatory stresses for millions racing their life away to punch in timely attendance. The urbanization of cities and millions of dollars pumped into infrastructure to improve everyday commute life has only made things further complex.

The case for Blockchain solution for traffic issues

Who would’ve thought until last year that 2020 would bring in a fresh outlook on this long ongoing frustratingly pathetic zig-zagging through the roads? The public health strategy across most countries to halt the spread of Covid-19 to prevent the meltdown of healthcare infrastructure has been commendable and worth a study.

By diluting medical demand by introducing precautionary measures such as social distance, mask-wearing, regular sanitization, etc., the health workers managed to de-traffic congestion and saved medical facilities from depletion. During the pandemic, the cryptocurrency world came together in the early phases to help the world, especially in China, the pandemic’s epicenter.

The approach to “flatten the curve” through this pandemic is a well-designed technique whose use can be well extended to counter other problematic areas hovering and limiting sustainable living. Its biggest impact has been in reducing the transmission of the COVID19 virus but has also had a great shift in the thought process of business owners and governments on the management of peak demands in almost any area ranging from congested roads to electrical grids to reducing the carbon footprint.

Work models within pandemic have broadly moved towards online platforms, which have enabled workers using office facilities with limitations. This basically avoids overcrowding and contains the virus threat; however, it is now a model that has conveniently embedded within the organizational culture and is well to stay. This is where blockchain solution for traffic issues can help not just the governments but the public as well.

Meetings, business transactions, conferences, marketing, sales, and almost any other business demand fulfillment is no longer at the mercy of a physical office. Lack of necessary commute has drastically reduced peak hour load, not just on the roads but also on the power grids.

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