Blockchain Creates a “Future” Safe Learning Environment

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We already know that blockchain technology has huge potential for all industries, including energy, healthcare, trade finance, and many more. But what will the future hold for ordinary individuals like you and me? Let’s look into a classroom somewhere in the future and know that our wishes are not too far fetched…

One humid Friday afternoon in a future May, Saanvi and 15 of her schoolmates are gathered in a small hall at the government school in Dharavi slum, Mumbai.

These students are from the school’s top classes and are engaged in a government-sponsored English programme that aims to improve their command of the English language via a series of activities that differ from their typical English lessons in school.

The programme is aimed at building confidence in English speech. All of the students in the programme speak Hindi as a first language at home and have learned English at school.

Typically in the programme, a student would be asked a question in English and would answer the question in Hindi, a language they were most confident to speak aloud in.

The main reason for this was that Saanvi and her friends were embarrassed to sound stupid in front of their classmates.  

The teachers running the programme has seen a remarkable improvement in the past three months, and could only put it down to one thing.

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A big orange board had been erected outside the school encouraging students to join English Forward, an English language blockchain platform that creates a safe encouraging environment for students to learn English without the fear of embarrassment.

“Well done students! We have seen a remarkable improvement in your spoken English over the past three months. Can anyone tell me what you think the difference was?” asked Mr. Alli, the teacher overseeing the programme

“That’s easy” answered Saanvi, “We all registered for FREE on the English Forward blockchain platform and did four things:”

1.  Joined the English Forward Telegram chat at https://t.me/EnglishForwardCommunity. It’s an amazing place where we can chat with students from all over the world, and get help from the moderators. The moderators are very strict and don’t allow any abuse, bad language, or other bad things you find on most online sites. It is a very safe place.

2.  We searched the Q&A for help on our topics in class. There are excellent answers, and any new questions are answered by very highly qualified English experts in a short space of time.

3.  We were able to engage with the live community 24 hours a day. There was no bullying, and we felt confident to learn by making mistakes without any fear of ridicule.”

4.  I got my own [email protected] email address (for free) and started receiving very helpful articles and tips to improve my English.

“Akshar told me you were even paid to ask and answer questions. How does that work?” asked Mr. Alli.

Saanvi, “The English Forward platform has a blockchain and token system that rewards you the more you engage with the platform. It’s like playing an online game and so much fun. I earned tokens for questions, doing a short course and watching and interacting with a video which helped me improve my English conversation. I made enough to buy a Railtel ticket to Pune to visit my friend Prisha, and on the train to watch the latest Lady Gaga video and read an article on global pollution we were discussing.

Hey, Mr. Alli… it even pays teachers to help students on the English Forward blockchain app – you should try it!”

“Maybe I will, Saanvi…maybe I will” replied Mr. Alli.

Why have I been dreaming? Hybrid blockchains are an up-and-coming trend set to hit the sector this year. They borrow elements from both private and public blockchains. This is done to create a dual experience for users and companies alike.

The term ‘hybrid’ is used to describe a blockchain that aims to use the best parts of both private and public blockchain solutions to create one super blockchain. They aim to create controlled access while having freedom for users at the same time.

And what about the power outages which were a primary concern for higher education? For educational institutions with renewable energy sources, DLT could reduce the need for intermediaries. Brooklyn startup Transactive Grid enables decentralized energy generation schemes allowing entities to generate, buy, and sell energy to their neighbors.

What about Gift Cards? Prepaid cards could be used by cities, schools, and families to purchase out of school learning experiences (e.g., an LRNG card) and associated transportation.

The core competency of DLT is eliminating the middleman. It will be deployed to create various learning marketplaces from test prep to surfing school. The future of blockchain is looking bright, with 2019 set to be a great year for the growth of the technology.

Even now, I can see BB wistfully planning her trip to an upcoming Blockchain Expo to get funding for her startup. How about you? What is your dream?

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Mitch Rankin

Mitch Rankin is the Co-Founder of Forward Protocol, a technology company building open source blockchain tools to connect the Edtech sector. A devoted husband and father, he has passionately invested on education and blockchain. Focusing on helping solve UNESCO's Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) of the 2030 Agenda, he supports the goal to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. His vision is to impact 1 billion people through a better education and learning experience by changing how the world learns. https://forwardprotocol.io.

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