Blockchain and Crypto Experts Meet Up at BlockShow Americas 2018

Over 80 guest speakers and 1500 people from the blockchain industry showed up for the BlocksShow Americas 2018 today at Las Vegas to discuss the hottest issues and most talked about in the blockchain economy.

In the event’s agenda, the highlight of Main Stage focused on government regulations and initiatives, the impact of DLT on various industries and the most current updates on legislative and technology aspects.

The Second Stage opens up a forum to share ideas and opinions where experts in this field challenge each other’s views.

The conference sets the stage for leaders and professionals who are expert in their respective industries who talked about blockchain’s disruptive nature in the areas and industries such as real estate, advertisement, and Artificial Intelligence, etc.

One of the speakers is Herb Stephens who is a co-founder of Democracy Earth Foundation. He spoke about a democracy powered by blockchain as he argued: “corruption exists in centralized databases. We are moving from corruptible to incorruptible.”

DBrain CEO Dmitry Matskevich also spoke at the conference and added:

“Democracy is about the inclusion of minorities and those without access including to technology. Ability [sic] to distribute the power from majority to minority.”

Bitcoin Foundation board member and co-founder of a crypto exchange BTCC, discussed about “freedom of money”. He stated :

“For me, the crypto revolution is about freedom of money. Like freedom of speech.”

Lee also listed the four major mistakes to avoid when investing in crypto investment: Being indecisive, cashing out after minimal gains, not purchasing enough and sells after a crash.

The conference also opened the floor for debates about proper regulations and how it can help with blockchain development. It features regulatory and accounting experts, industry players, etc.

ThinkMarkets CMA Naeem Aslam also discussed the challenges faced by ICO’s, stated: “price stability is the key factor for ICOs and regulations.”

As what Andrew L. Rossow, Adjunct Law Professor, said during the conference:

“It starts with just being smart. Make sure you are protected. Not always believing in what you are seeing.”