Blast hits $823 million TVL amid bugs and controversies


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  • Web3 protocol Blast has hit $823 million in TVL amid the recent controversies surrounding the platform.
  • Navigating challenges and criticisms in the sector.

Blast, a Web3 protocol, has rapidly amassed a total value locked (TVL) of $823 million within a few weeks since its controversial mid-November launch. DefiLlama’s data indicates a notable 26.5% gain over the past seven days, highlighting the protocol’s significant growth. It distinguishes itself through a unique business model, functioning as a scaling solution for the Ethereum network and offering native yields to users who stake their funds.

Blast gains 26.5% over the last seven days

Participants in staking receive a promised 4% yield on Ethereum and a 5% yield on stablecoins. However, this swift growth journey for the project has not been without its share of challenges and controversies. On November 30th, the protocol faced a significant issue when a user staking on the platform lost $100,000 after converting a deposit to Dai. The problem arose due to a misconfigured slippage parameter on the user interface. In response to this incident, the platform compensated the affected user with $10,000, covering 10% of the loss.

The funds for this compensation come from its $20 million capital, raised from investors, including Paradigm. It is noteworthy that Paradigm, the same venture capital firm that suffered a $278 million loss on the now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, is involved with the platform. Despite the compensation, the platform’s relationship with Paradigm is not without its complexities. In late November, Dan Robinson, the head of research at Paradigm, publicly expressed disagreement with Blast’s strategy of launching a bridge before its layer-2 network goes live.

Robinson, in a statement shared on social media, criticized Blast’s approach, suggesting that it set a negative precedent for other projects. He argued that much of the marketing strategy appeared to cheapen the efforts of a serious team. While Blast and Paradigm are collaborating to address these issues, the role of the VC firm in Blast’s decision-making process remains unclear. Additionally, questions persist regarding Blast’s governance structure and the availability of technical documentation.

Navigating challenges and criticisms in the sector

Another significant aspect of the discussions surrounding Blast is the absence of withdrawal functionality. Users depositing and staking on Blast are required to trust that the team will eventually incorporate a withdrawal feature in the coming months. Despite these challenges and uncertainties, Blast has managed to attract over 75,000 members within a short span. The protocol is actively recruiting senior engineers for its forthcoming deployments.

Looking ahead, Blast is set to release its testnet in January, accompanied by a developer’s airdrop. The mainnet is expected to be available in February. These developments align with the protocol’s roadmap, despite reservations expressed by Paradigm. The controversy surrounding Blast underscores the intricate dynamics and challenges faced by emerging projects in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. The protocol’s ability to navigate these hurdles will likely shape its trajectory and influence perceptions within the broader crypto community.

Blast’s ascent in the Web3 space, marked by significant TVL and user adoption, is accompanied by controversies and challenges. The compensation for a user’s loss, the critique from Paradigm, the absence of withdrawal functionality, and ongoing discussions about governance and technical documentation collectively paint a picture of the complexities inherent in launching and scaling a DeFi protocol. As Blast continues its development and deployment plans, the crypto community will closely watch how the protocol addresses these issues and navigates the evolving landscape of decentralized finance.

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